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    At OPC Health, prosthetists have access to the largest range of prosthetic feet in Australia. Our extensive range includes models designed for paediatrics, adults, waterproof needs, high activity levels and more. Our number one priority is providing prosthetists with high-quality solutions that enhance mobility, comfort, and overall quality of life for their patients. 

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    Accent Foot

    The Accent provides 5 cm of heel height adjustment through a simple push of a button. The foot comes with a contoured, soft shin fairing that locks into the shell and prevents cosmetic buckling when the foot is adjusted at various heel heights. The Accent provides a service-free option for individuals who desire a cosmetically appealing foot.

    Aeris Performance 2 Foot

    The Aeris Performance 2 adds Compliant Composite Technology (CCT) that is derived by using multiple springs to increase the range of flexibility. The result is a unique Advanced Energy Release (AER) pylon design composed of nested parallel springs that enable the foot to react in a compliant manner at heel strike and then work together to create a dynamic transition from push-off to toe release.

    Aeris Performance LP

    The Aeris Performance adds Compliant Composite Technology (CCT) that is derived by using multiple springs to increase the range of flexibility. The result is a unique Advanced Energy Release (AER) pylon design composed of nested parallel springs that enable the foot to react in a compliant manner at heel strike and then work together to create a dynamic transition from push-off to toe release.

    AllPro Foot

    The AllPro foot from Fillauer crosses all boundaries, combining high flexibility and dynamic performance into a foot that allows the user to work and play like a pro. Whether walking on a flat surface or traversing steep hills, the AllPro performs to meet the amputee’s multiaxial needs. If exercise or sports are on the activity list, this “do-it-all” foot easily transitions from the gym to the tennis and basketball courts, as well as the soccer, football, and lacrosse fields.

    AllPro Paediatric Foot

    The AllPro Paediatric foot by Fillauer is a versatile solution for young amputees. With high flexibility and performance, it enables easy engagement in various activities. Children can play and excel effortlessly on any surface, be it flat or challenging terrains.

    AllPro XTS Foot

    It’s the Fillauer AllPro performance you have come to expect with an even smoother rollover and forgiveness on rough terrain or around town. The IP67 waterproof XTS unit provides adjustable torsion and vertical shock reduction without sacrificing build height. This field-serviceable unit is built with an active lifestyle in mind.

    Alpine Foot

    A high-performance prosthetic foot purpose-built for downhill skiing that eliminates the need for traditional ski boots by directly connecting the Alpine Foot to the ski binding.

    AMP Fin™

    The AMP Fin™ revolutionizes swimming and diving for amputees, enhancing mobility and comfort. It attaches directly to the residual limb, eliminating discomfort caused by traditional fins. It enables safe participation in aquatic sports and therapy, providing greater force and mobility.

    Avalon K2VAC Foot

    AvalonK2VAC combines the award winning AvalonK2 biomimetic hydraulic ankle with an integrated elevated vacuum system. This combination offers K2 users a unique product that both improves safety and long term health, and increases the feeling of socket security.

    AvalonK2 Foot

    AvalonK2 is a hydraulic ankle that has been designed specifically for the complex needs of limited community ambulators. Through a combination of award-winning hydraulic ankle technology and a unique optimized keel, Blatchford has created a prosthesis that works with the user to enhance confidence, independence and safety.

    Aviator Foot

    This new, lightweight foot is designed to provide high energy return, comfort, and vertical shock absorption in every step. Combining flexible Intelliweave® composites with dynamic carbon fiber, the sleek Aviator uses a hybrid material approach in its springs. These features offer superior range of motion to accommodate a wide range of activities and users. When life gets turbulent, the Aviator can help you stay the course.

    Blade XT

    Blade XT is the complete solution for active users. It is suitable for everyday use as well as running, cycling and other sporting activities, too. It has been designed so that wearers don’t have to stop and change their prostheses between activities throughout the day.

    Breeze Foot

    The Breeze, a revolutionary K2 foot by College Park, offers a water-friendly design with corrosion-resistant materials, a water drain port, and modifications to prevent water accumulation. It also features a toe-rollover assist. The Breeze foot provides maximum benefits at an affordable cost.

    Echelon ER Foot

    EchelonER is the latest hydraulic ankle, expanding the Echelon Range with extended movement capabilities. Its robust, waterproof design offers enhanced ground compliance on various terrains. Improved heel height accommodation allows for flexible footwear options and easy transitions to barefoot walking. Seated self-alignment promotes comfort, a natural appearance, and reduces pressure on the residual limb.

    Echelon Foot

    The award-winning Echelon is a waterproof hydraulic ankle that absorbs and damps on impact, self-aligns on rough and sloping surfaces, then remains dorsiflexed at toe-off. These design features help reduce abnormal pressures at the socket interface and other joints, promote comfort and postural symmetry to help reduce the risk of falls and preserve musculoskeletal health.

    Echelon VAC Foot

    EchelonVAC is a socket connection system designed to enhance the comfort, stability, and security for amputees. It combines Biomimetic Hydraulic Technology with an elevated vacuum system, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit throughout the day. By utilising natural ankle motion, it quietly creates elevated vacuum, benefiting residual limb health and improving suspension and ground clearance. The hydraulic ankles further reduce tissue trauma, making it an advanced solution for enhanced prosthetic performance.

    Echelon VT Foot

    EchelonVT combines the advanced hydraulic technology of Echelon with an additional rotation and vertical shock absorption element, to reduce the shear forces at the socket interface. This reduces the rate of loading at the socket interface and allows the socket to rotate with the residual limb, rather than against it. This means the user is able to move and adapt more freely, making EchelonVT ideal for taking part in activities such as golf and hiking.

    Elan Foot

    Elan is a microprocessor-controlled foot, emulates natural muscle resistance and ankle motion with adaptable hydraulic resistance. It optimizes stability during standing, walking, and on uneven terrain, promoting symmetrical limb loading, faster walking, and reduced compensatory movements. The ankle pivot point aligns with the natural weight line for a smoother and safer gait cycle, preserving the body in the long term and delivering a more natural walking experience.

    Elan IC Foot

    ElanIC is the world’s lightest and most compact waterproof microprocessor hydraulic ankle. It features a discreet, compact and lightweight design that is clinically proven to give greater comfort, improved safety, a smoother gait and balanced limb loading.

    Elite Blade Foot

    A lightweight, high energy return prosthetic foot, the elite blade is ideal for Level 3-4, high impact use from the casual jogger to the serious runner. The flexible extended pylon reduces shock load transmission making it a great crossover foot for work, leisure and sports activities.

    Esprit Foot

    The Esprit foot is a low profile foot for moderate and high K level users. It provide excellent energy response and is an ideal foot for longer residual limbs or where additional components are required.

    Formula Adult Foot

    The Formula foot is the ideal balance of flexibility and power, creating a dynamic foot design intended for a wide range of users/patients. The long, lightweight carbon pylon provides critical energy return to the user through the posterior attachment, while the compact shape of the ankle allows for better cosmetic finishing without hindering foot performance while worn with a shoe.

    Formula Paediatric Foot

    A first of its kind, the Pediatric Formula is a high-performance, customizable, pediatric foot that grows with the child. The long, lightweight carbon pylon provides critical energy return through the posterior attachment, while the compact shape of the ankle simplifies cosmetic finishing without hindering performance.

    Freedom Agilix Foot

    The Agilix™ is a multi-axial, shock-absorbing flexible foot system designed to manage loading impacts, reduce socket shear forces and improve comfort while walking on uneven terrain. The ultra-lightweight design offers K3 ambulators comfortable performance.

    Freedom Dynadapt Foot

    With a slim profile and anatomical design, the carbon fibre DynAdapt foot is easy to fit and cover with a cosmesis. Its full-length split keel provides a smooth, uninterrupted roll-over from heel-strike to toe-off, with the medial/lateral compliance required to provide good stability on uneven terrain. The advanced composite laminate delivers a high cycle fatigue in a design that also gives a high energy return.

    Freedom Highlander (MAX) Foot

    The Highlander Max enables the benefits of the Highlander to be made available to amputees over 166kg. With an industry highest weight limit of 226kg, this foot can be used in conjunction with the Heavy Duty Component Kit (NAC 202) to enable virtually any transtibial amputee to be provided with a prosthesis. Transfemoral amputees may be limited by the weight of available and appropriate knee units.

    Freedom Kinnex Foot

    The Freedom Kinnex is a cutting-edge microprocessor ankle/foot tech with carbon fiber, offering stability, ground compliance, and comfort for low-moderate impact K3 ambulators. With 30 degrees of motion control, it enhances confidence and stability on various terrains, reduces socket pressures, and improves comfort in different positions. Designed for everyday activities and suitable for navigating obstacles with ease.

    Freedom Kinterra

    The Kinterra Foot/Ankle System combines hydraulic and carbon fiber tech for improved gait in low-moderate impact K3 ambulators, especially on slopes. Adjustable dorsiflexion and plantarflexion enhance comfort, and the Dorsi-Assist spring reduces toe-catching risk during downhill transitions.

    Freedom Pacifica Foot

    The Pacifica offers a comfortable, flexible low-profile design, ideal for users with long residual limbs. Its lightweight, durable construction provides energy return for longer walks. With a pyramid inside the foot shell, cosmetic finishing is simplified, and the low build height allows for additional componentry like rotators or shock absorbers for added comfort during extended wear.

    Freedom Shockwave Foot

    The Freedom ShockWave™ vertical shock foot combines Spherical Shock Unit (SSU) and EnduraCore® tech with classic Freedom foot design. K3/K4 ambulators get smooth vertical shock relief and axial rotation for daily & high-impact activities. Light and slim, it ensures an easy fit and finish.

    Freedom Sierra Foot

    The Sierra foot offers active users a smoother gait with increased energy return and flexibility. Its angle-top design maximizes carbon fiber spring's length for better energy return, while the split-keel ensures confidence on uneven terrain. Full-length heel allows a stable base and exceptionally smooth gait.

    Horizon Foot

    The Horizon HD foot by College Park features a carbon fiber laminate design with aircraft-grade materials, ensuring a high weight limit and durability. Its low-profile, lightweight structure provides superior energy return for high-impact users.

    Ibex XD Foot

    The Ibex foot offers innovation with micro-slices for controlled inversion/eversion on uneven terrain. Its multi-axial design optimizes energy with a long carbon pylon and full-length heel plate for early foot flat and increased energy storage. Confidence-boosting, stable performance for amputees to conquer life's challenges.

    Mini Blade XT Foot

    The Mini BladeXT caters to the non-stop lifestyle of young individuals, providing stability and comfort for various activities like school, sports, and socializing. Its split toe and traction sole ensure excellent stability and ground compliance, while the C-shaped toe spring maximizes energy response, offering a complete and efficient solution for active users.

    Motion Foot SLX

    Experience enhanced mobility with the Motion Foot SLX. Offering 13° of plantarflexion and 3° of dorsiflexion, this lightweight, low build height foot ensures exceptional durability and stability. Tackle slopes and uneven terrain with ease, enjoying newfound compliance and confidence throughout your journey.

    Multiflex Foot

    The multi-axial prosthetic foot adapts to uneven terrain and lateral movements. The Multiflex foot benefits activity level 2 users with stable and comfortable multi-axial motion in various directions, while its low-profile design and sandal toe offer a more natural appearance.

    Obsidian Running Blade Adult Foot

    The Obsidian Running Blade Posterior Mount is a cutting-edge prosthetic device designed for runners and athletes. With its advanced posterior mounting system, it offers enhanced performance and stability during high-impact activities. The blade's lightweight and responsive design mimic natural running movements, providing a seamless running experience. Whether you're a competitive athlete or a recreational runner, the Obsidian Running Blade Posterior Mount is engineered to propel you forward and achieve your athletic goals with confidence.

    Obsidian Running Blade Paediatric Foot

    The Obsidian Running Blade Paediatric Direct Mount features a split-blade design, enhancing cornering performance and trail running. Its dynamic, carbon composite construction ensures durability and agility. With a durable tire-grade tread, this running blade offers young athletes the perfect blend of stability and traction for their active pursuits.

    Obsidian Sprint Blade Foot

    Unleash your athletic potential with the Obsidian Splint Blade. Its split-blade design enhances cornering and trail running performance. Crafted from dynamic carbon composite, this blade offers durability and agility. With a sturdy tire-grade tread, you can conquer any terrain with confidence and precision.

    Odyssey K2 Foot

    The Odyssey K2 hydraulic foot from College Park offers K2 patients controlled motion, force absorption, and a smooth sit-to-stand transition. With a patented curved hydraulic ankle, IntelliweaveTM composite foot base, and customizable dual StrideControlTM, it provides a lightweight and low-profile design, delivering superior motion range and comfort for K2 patients.

    Odyssey K3 Foot

    The Odyssey K3, the latest addition to College Park's hydraulic feet line, offers increased ground contact with a patented curved hydraulic ankle and high-frequency carbon fiber foot base. Designed for moderate impact users with good balance, it delivers exceptional performance for activities like city walking and multi-terrain hiking, providing a smooth and dynamic response.

    Orbit Foot

    Experience the world-revolving Orbit foot, offering smooth rotation and rollover with integrated energy return. College Park's low-profile, durable design boasts a 40° rotation range, ideal for golf, baseball, tennis, and more. Its carbon fiber construction ensures dynamic response during low to high impact activities.

    RUSH Chopart Foot

    The RUSH Chopart® is a dynamic and reliable solution for Chopart, Lisfranc, Pirogoff, Boyd, and partial foot prostheses. Unlike carbon Chopart plates prone to breakage, its unique glass composite design offers superior flexibility and durability, making it the top choice for amputees seeking long-lasting performance.

    RUSH EVAQ8 Series

    The EVAQ8 elevated vacuum system holds the foot securely in the socket. The vacuum system integrated into the heel is automatically actuated when the user walks. The air between the sleeve and the socket is continually evacuated to create a constant vacuum. Users enjoy heightened proprioception which makes walking safer since the prosthesis is easier to control. Available for the RAMPAGE LP, HiPro and HiPro ROGUE feet.

    RUSH Kid Foot

    The RUSH Kid packs all the RUSH RAMPAGE® benefits in under 55mm! Perfect for active kids, it offers dynamic energy return, smooth roll-through, and toe-off. It's a waterproof, all-terrain, and all-weather shoe, reducing socket, knee, and hip pain. Comes with a Black Spectra sock and heel wedge for added comfort.

    RUSH Rampage Foot

    Introducing the RUSH RAMPAGE® - a cosmetically-friendly, lightweight foot with smooth roll-through and all-terrain capability. Combining aesthetics and high-performance, it offers comfort and versatility from the renowned RUSH Foot® Collection. Ideal for individuals seeking a blend of both cosmetic appeal and top-notch capabilities. Now Available in Sandal Toe.

    RUSH Rampage LP Foot

    The RUSH Rampage LP is a trailblazing shoe featuring an advanced engineered glass composite material, incredibly durable and twice as flexible as standard carbon fiber. It ensures excellent energy return on tough terrains. The distinctive sole plate ensures a seamless heel-to-toe transition, eliminating dead spots and offering unparalleled foot and ankle motion for an ultra-realistic and responsive experience. Now Available in Sandal Toe.

    RUSH Rogue 2 Foot

    The RUSH Rogue®2 offers unparalleled foot and ankle motion with its advanced fiberglass composite material. Experience vertical shock relief, smooth roll-through, and biomimetic ankle action for a realistic feel. Enjoy extreme reliability and rotational torsion relief for extended use in high-impact activities. Push your limits on the court or rugged terrain with confidence, and nobody will know you wear a prosthetic. Now Available in Sandal Toe.

    Scout Foot

    The Scout is a pediatric foot designed to provide reliable energy return and growth adaptability for kids. It combines College Park's Intelliweave® composite technology and durable carbon fiber for smooth motion, strength, and flexibility during play. With a wide size range and size-up foot shell capabilities, it accommodates growing children. Offering four mounting options, this lightweight and low-maintenance foot is youth-friendly and suitable for various needs.

    Seattle Child's Play Foot

    The Child's Play Energy foot is a pediatric version of the Seattle Energy, featuring varying integral cosmesis to resemble a child's maturing foot. It provides shock absorption at heel strike and a smooth roll-over with dynamic response at toe-off, ensuring a natural gait. With six keel options based on weight and foot size, it offers customizable action to optimize the child's experience.

    Seattle Energy Foot

    The Seattle Energy offers dynamic response, improved compliance, stability, and cushioned heel. Ideal for Symes amputations, it comes with a removable pyramid and spacer for easy installation. The foot shell is lifelike and available in Light and Dark options. Safe for occasional water contact, but not frequent submersion.

    Seattle Kinetic Foot

    The Kinetic Light is designed for moderate K2 activity users with a flexible, full-length keel and male pyramid adapter. It offers customizable ankle bumpers for soft heel strike, foot-flat progression, and controlled toe-off. Suitable for both transfemoral and transtibial applications, it accommodates a wide weight range from under 60kg up to 160kg.

    Seattle Lightfoot II

    The Seattle Lightfoot 2 arrives fully assembled, featuring either a light or dark sandal toe foot shell. Its pre-assembled male pyramid ensures quick and easy installation onto the prosthetic socket. For Symes patients, the foot's pyramid and spacer can be easily removed, making it adaptable to specific needs. This design saves time for prosthetists and provides patients with a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

    Seattle SACH Foot

    The Seattle SACH foot is perfect for new amputees with low to medium-low impact levels (K1). It comes pre-assembled with M10 pyramid and foot bolt, featuring a Lifecast foot cosmesis in two color options. Ideal for those seeking stability and reliability during ambulation.

    Seattle Zumo Foot

    The Seattle Zumo foot is optimized for heavier users with a weight rating of up to 205kg. Its split composite keel enhances dynamic response, stability, and medial/lateral compliance. The foot shell, available in two colors, is removable and provides a high-quality, natural cosmesis.


    Meet the SidekicksTM, innovative adjustable stubbie feet for foreshortened prostheses. Drawing from 15 years of expertise with Venture® ankle technology, College Park engineers have crafted these feet with natural anatomical ankle motion and a flexible platform. They revolutionize options for bilateral, transfemoral amputees, providing gait-matched balance and stability even in real-world and water environments.

    Soleus Foot

    The Soleus introduces Integrated Spring Technology (iST®) for natural movement, offering a three-staged response and superior range of motion. Its intelligent foot design integrates Intelliweave composite springs within a resilient plantar belt, adapting to various impacts. With 10 mm of vertical compliance, it ensures unparalleled comfort. The Soleus suits moderate to high-impact Paralympic athletes, setting a new benchmark in prosthetics with its innovative design, catering to diverse lifestyles and elevating comfort and performance standards.

    Terrain Foot

    The Terrain foot by College Park offers comfort and anatomical ankle motion with energy return in a low-profile design. Utilizing tri-axial technology expertise, it features a carbon fiber base and permanent bumpers for a responsive experience in various activities. Versatile and service-free, the Terrain ensures comfort during low to high-impact tasks, making it an ideal choice for navigating life's challenges with ease.

    Tribute Foot

    The Tribute offers dependable performance with a tri-axial design and Intelliweave® composite technology. Its lightweight, full-length toe lever, and low-frequency response ensure a wide range of motion and stability on diverse terrains. Ideal for initial fittings and low to moderate impact users, the Tribute is a valuable package providing reliable solutions for various prosthetic needs.

    TRS Little Foot

    The Bolt-on "SACH" type design of the TRS Little Feet offers unique energy dynamics, ensuring optimal performance. Their flexible toes enhance natural movement, while the anatomically realistic designs provide lifelike appearances. For an improved "barefoot" look, special removable heel plugs are included. With three color options (Tan, Medium Brown, and Dark Complexion), these feet are ideal for various activities such as crawling, toddling, and walking.

    Truper Foot

    Designed for active kids, the Truper foot offers a perfect blend of high energy and stability. Its flexible foreheel and bumpers efficiently store energy for smooth standing-to-running transitions. With easy adjustments for growing children, it comes in two size ranges, ensuring flexibility throughout adolescence, making it an ideal choice for young and dynamic individuals.

    Trustep Foot

    The Trustep sets the bar for comfort and natural mobility, offering unparalleled movement in all planes and near-anatomical motion. Its versatile design allows for full customization with a wide range of options, making it an original and unrivaled choice for those seeking exceptional stability and customization.

    Velocity Foot

    The Velocity's coupled toe springs create a progressive, dynamic response for comfortable walking and high-impact activities. Designed to enhance smooth rollover, this foot offers high functionality for thrill seekers with minimal maintenance, keeping them active and on the go.

    Venture Foot

    The Venture foot offers a higher frequency dynamic response for active users with its full-length toe lever. It utilizes advanced bumpers and flexible Intelliweave® composites for a progressive and responsive experience. The custom-built foot, featuring the exclusive Stride ControlTM, allows effortless fine-tuning without disassembly, enhancing its appeal to users seeking optimal performance and convenience.

    Versa Foot 2

    The Versa Foot 2 is a next-generation prosthetic foot designed for AK and BK amputees in various activities. Built for extreme performance and adaptability, it efficiently absorbs shock through the toe and heel. Its customizable sole plates cater to different activities, and with a wide range of adjustability and tuning options, it stands out as one of the most versatile and functional prosthetic feet on the market.

    Voyager Foot

    The College Park Voyager offers ultimate comfort and rotation for any journey. Its vertical shock absorption, responsive springs, and built-in torsion make it feel natural to the user. With a wide range of motion, it suits different activity levels. The sleek design combines flexible Intelliweave® composites and durable carbon fiber for maximum functionality and performance.

    Wave Comfort 3 Foot

    The Wave Comfort 3 is designed to provide unparalleled comfort for individuals engaged in low to moderate activity levels. Its exceptional shock absorption capabilities make walking and standing effortless, while its smooth rollover and enhanced plantarflexion ensure early stance phase stability. The added benefit of adjustable heel stiffness with a replaceable bumper allows users to personalize their experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking maximum comfort and support during their daily activities.

    Celsus Foot

    Introducing the Celsus Foot by College Park, a true game-changer in prosthetic technology. Designed with College Park's groundbreaking Integrated Spring Technology (iST), this foot brings a whole new level of performance and comfort to prosthetic users.


    The Fillauer ProCover is a stylish foot cover featuring a split design for foot protection, improved performance, and hassle-free installation and removal, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.


    Crafted from BIOVYN™, a bio-attributed PVC sourced entirely from renewable feedstock, our Foot Shell not only contributes to significantly reduced carbon emission, but also boasts unmatched durability

    RUSH H20

    Incomparable grip! No foot shell required! The RUSH Foot® H2O collection is the ideal foot for your shower leg or various, non-invasive water sport activities. Available in the tried-and-true RUSH Foot® HiPro, RAMPAGE, RAMPAGE LP and Rogue 2 models and featuring an integrated Vibram® sole and custom molded rubber toe wrap. The RUSH Foot® H2O collection of feet offer the same great durability and comfort of all the other RUSH feet, but now adds superior traction on slick surfaces. From the shower to the pool, you won’t find a foot that provides this amount of grip and added confidence on slippery surfaces.


    Designed to give optimal power stroke, fit, and alignment for cycling.
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