Foot Orthotics

Revolution of the Foot Orthotic

Interpod now offers a complete range of prefabricated foot orthotics making prescription easier and faster for Podiatrists, Physiotherapists and Health Practitioners. Featuring three distinct orthotic materials for customised prescription, and available in three arch heights (4°, 6º, 8º) for customised control.

Evidenced Based for Outstanding Patient Outcomes- all Interpod Foot Orthotics are designed to enhance the Windlass mechanism.

All Interpod Foot Orthotics are designed to enhance the Windlass mechanism by resisting excessive pronation through inversion of the rearfoot; and assisting to stabilise the foot by creating a firm base of support to facilitate supination.

Interpod Foot Orthotics for Lifestyle and Comfort

Interpod has different styles to fit into a greater range of footwear, whilst providing a medical grade of orthotic support.

    Recommended Use
Interpod Modular   Introducing a patient to Medical Grade Foot Orthotics, or determining level of support required
Interpod Flex   Lightweight, slim and durable option; for long term wear; alternative to Custom made orthotics
Interpod Soft Full Length   Shock absorption, and cushioning. Suited for work boots, athletes, sensitive feet
Interpod Soft Diabetic   Optimum shock absorption and comfort with a Medical Grade Poron top cover
Interpod Soft 3/4   Convenient for people wanting to place their orthotics in more than one pair of shoes
Interpod Soft Slim Tech   For narrow fit shoes, or shoes with a slight heel

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