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    COAPT Gen 2 Pattern Recognition

    COAPT Gen 2 Pattern Recognition is a sophisticated technology used in advanced myoelectric prosthetics. By analyzing muscle signals with specialized algorithms and sensors, users can control the prosthetic limb naturally and intuitively. No physical buttons needed, just thoughts, offering a seamless and immersive experience.

    Espire Classic Elbow

    The Espire Classic is a cutting-edge body-powered mechanical elbow, designed to provide superior functionality and comfort. It boasts a unique forearm counterbalance mechanism and manual lock, ensuring precise control and stability during use. The adjustable dial allows users to fine-tune the counterbalance effect, offering versatility for lateral or medial positioning. Emphasizing simplicity and user-friendliness, this model forgoes electronics and circuitry, resulting in a remarkably lightweight option that delivers exceptional performance and enhances the overall user experience.

    Espire Classic Plus Elbow

    The Espire Classic Plus is an innovative mechanical elbow with a manual lock and forearm counterbalance mechanism. It offers prosthetists the flexibility to attach various inputs and batteries through a plug-in board at the top of the arm. This design allows for a wider range of terminal devices to be connected at the distal end. Moreover, the discreet compartment accommodates other manufacturers' batteries without the need for arm modifications, ensuring convenience and adaptability.

    Espire Hybrid Elbow

    The Espire Hybrid features Pro-level electronics and battery but without the powered elbow joint. Instead, it incorporates an adjustable forearm counterbalance mechanism to evenly distribute weight and negate gravity's effects on the forearm, wrist, and terminal device. This effortless positioning enables patients to find comfort easily. Additionally, the Hybrid utilizes the same inputs as the Pro, providing seamless control over a wide range of terminal devices for added convenience.

    Espire Pro Elbow

    The Espire Elbow range combines technology and biology, appealing to diverse patients with its anatomically shaped design and comfortable resting position. Steeper Group's Espire Pro is a game-changing powered elbow, offering intuitive usage with removable battery, electric lock, and free swing options. Its compatibility with various terminal devices and easy programming via the Espire Hub iPad app ensures reliability and convenience for prosthetic users.

    MC Electric Terminal Device

    The Motion Control ETD (Electric Terminal Device) is a robust, functional, and water-resistant option, favored by numerous users. Compatible with Motion Control elbow systems and ProControl 2, it offers Flexion Wrist and Multi-flex Wrist choices, along with an optional MC Wrist Rotator for added versatility and convenience.

    MC Electric Terminal Device 2

    The Motion Control ETD2, the second generation Electric Terminal Device, offers the same robust features in a shorter, sleeker design. Ideal for long trans-radial amputation levels, it closely matches a standard hand size. With multiple gripping surfaces and field replaceable parts, it provides passive stabilization for objects. The wider fingers enhance holding ability with decreased pinch forces, while the proximal area ensures stability for large cylindrical objects.

    MC Wrist Rotator

    The Motion Control Wrist Rotator is a powerful, fast, and quiet device, compatible with Utah Arm, Hybrid Arm, or ProControl 2. It offers 2x speed and torque compared to others, making it the ideal choice for i-limb™ or bebionic™ hands. Its on-board processor, ProWrist, provides versatility and a quick disconnect system. Available in Tan, Brown, or Jet Black, it meets various preferences and needs for prosthetic users.

    Point Digits

    The Point Digit is a durable and lightweight passive prosthetic finger with an innovative ratcheting mechanism, offering 11 flexion positions. Made of titanium and stainless steel, it provides one-handed operation and various levels of flexion. Point Designs takes pride in being a small business, utilizing 3D printing and staying at the forefront of technological innovation in prosthetic finger designs with close ties to academic researchers and clinical teams.

    COVVI Hand

    The COVVI Hand redefines prosthetic technology with its market-leading power density and three sizes delivering unmatched grip force and speed. Its innovative actuator design and three-way digit control offer next-level functionality. The built-in E-Paper screen displays notifications, troubleshooting, and training information, enhancing user experience. COVVI's expert team has collaborated to implement valuable lessons from previous designs, ensuring a cutting-edge, user-centric prosthetic solution. Embrace the COVVI Hand for a new level of precision, convenience, and empowerment in the world of prosthetics.

    Hero Arm

    The Hero Arm™, a cutting-edge 3D printed bionic arm, empowers individuals with below-elbow limb differences. Lightweight and engineered in the UK, it offers multi-grip functionality and appealing aesthetics. Widely available in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, the Hero Arm™ caters to adults and children as young as 8, providing a life-changing solution for enhanced mobility and confidence.


    M-Fingers offer easy user control through motion, enabling efficient and precise task performance. Their secure grip, conforming to objects, ensures confidence in daily use. Made with high-strength composite materials for durability and longevity.

    Full M-Finger

    M-Fingers offer intuitive control through the user's motion, enhancing task performance with precision and responsiveness. Their durable, molded composite design ensures a secure grip, making daily use more effective and confident.

    Partial M-Finger

    Partial M-Fingers are specialized prosthetics for individuals with partial finger loss. They feature a custom carbon fiber socket that ensures comfort and stability. Controlled by motion in the remaining finger, they enable users to grasp objects with precision and speed. This technology allows for direct control over the fingertip's movement, making it easier for the user to perform everyday tasks.
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