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    Echelon ER Foot

    Brand: Blatchford
    EchelonER is the latest hydraulic ankle, expanding the Echelon Range with extended movement capabilities. Its robust, waterproof design offers enhanced ground compliance on various terrains. Improved heel height accommodation allows for flexible footwear options and easy transitions to barefoot walking. Seated self-alignment promotes comfort, a natural appearance, and reduces pressure on the residual limb.
    Products specifications
    Functional Level K3
    Patient Maximum Weight (kg) 125
    Waterproof Waterproof
    Features Hydraulic
    Build Height 142 - 152mm
    Warranty 36 Months
    Product Weight 453g
    Size Range 22 - 30cm
    Product Files
    Document Title Description
    Echelon ER Foot Instructions for Use Download
    Echelon ER Foot User Guide Download
    Key Features
    Extended Range of Movement
    Extended Range of Movement

    EchelonER prioritizes range of movement for safe walking on slopes. It provides optimal ground compliance on varied terrains. Selective range usage conserves energy; foot springs aid faster walking, while slower speeds increase movement for better ground conformity.

    Increased Toe Clearance
    Increased Toe Clearance

    EchelonER tackles amputees' stumbling concerns with enhanced toe clearance. It combines hydraulic ankle technology, delivering 18% more clearance than non-hydraulic ankles. The extended movement further boosts toe clearance, reducing the risk of falls.

    Robust & Waterproof Design
    Robust & Waterproof Design

    EchelonER boasts a robust, versatile, and waterproof design, perfect for demanding activities. It offers added peace of mind with a new top cap shape that efficiently allows water to escape from within the tube, enhancing daily performance.

    Technical Specifications
    Echelon ER Foot
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