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    Freedom Kinnex Foot

    Brand: Proteor
    The Freedom Kinnex is a cutting-edge microprocessor ankle/foot tech with carbon fiber, offering stability, ground compliance, and comfort for low-moderate impact K3 ambulators. With 30 degrees of motion control, it enhances confidence and stability on various terrains, reduces socket pressures, and improves comfort in different positions. Designed for everyday activities and suitable for navigating obstacles with ease.
    Products specifications
    Functional Level K2, K3
    Features Microprocessor
    Patient Maximum Weight (kg) 125
    Waterproof Weatherproof
    Build Height 184 - 186mm
    Product Weight 1.49kg
    Warranty 36 Months
    Size Range 24 - 30cm
    Product Files
    Document Title Description
    Proteor/Freedom - Order Form Download
    Freedom Kinnex Foot Instructions for Use Download
    Technical Specifications
    Freedom Kinnex Foot
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