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    Mini Blade XT Foot

    Brand: Blatchford
    The Mini BladeXT caters to the non-stop lifestyle of young individuals, providing stability and comfort for various activities like school, sports, and socializing. Its split toe and traction sole ensure excellent stability and ground compliance, while the C-shaped toe spring maximizes energy response, offering a complete and efficient solution for active users.
    Products specifications
    Functional Level K3, K4
    Features Paediatric
    Patient Maximum Weight (kg) 60
    Waterproof Waterproof
    Warranty 12 Months
    Build Height 160mm
    Product Weight 450g
    Product Files
    Document Title Description
    Mini Blade XT Foot Instructions for Use Download
    Mini Blade XT Foot User Guide Download
    Mini Blade XT Foot Brochure Download
    Key Features
    Energy Response
    Energy Response

    The curved toe design works like a loaded spring to assist forward progression. From initial ground strike, the C-shaped curve compresses and stores energy, ready to release upon the next step.

    Lightweight & Strong
    Lightweight & Strong

    The lightweight construction won’t slow you down. Made from e-carbon, the Mini BladeXT is strong and tough, yet flexible and responsive.

    Protection & Stability
    Protection & Stability

    With a unique toe and heel design, users feel balanced and secure when standing, running or making a change of direction. This also ensures shock absorption for comfort and protection on every step.

    Technical Specifications
    Mini Blade XT Foot
    Documents & Downloads