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    All Terrain Knee Series

    The All-Terrain Knee is a 4-bar prosthetic knee joint that fulfills the security needs of low-mobility users while still meeting the demands of active amputees. LegWorks’ patented Autolock Technology stance phase controller locks upon full swing phase extension, giving amputees confidence on all terrains. The patent-pending swing phase controller allows for variable cadence without the use of hydraulics or pneumatics, while a simple twist-knob manual lock offers users increased safety during the rehabilitation process or situational use on uneven terrain.

    Capital Knee

    The Capital is a hydraulic, single-axis knee joint that is easy to use for both patients and clinicians. Featuring smooth and responsive hydraulics during both swing and stance phase, this knee effortlessly accommodates the variable gait of the user. Durable, sleek, and fresh water friendly, the Capital is handmade in America with care. This knee also features easy mode selection and standard 4mm adjustments for simple set up. The Capital is a strong, reliable solution for moderate to high activity users.

    Guardian Knee

    Introducing the new and improved Guardian knee! This lightweight, mechanical knee features a friction brake for stance control, stance flexion, and extension assist. It’s best suited as a rehabilitation tool for new patients or permanent solution for low-impact users.

    KX06 V2 Knee

    The unique, all-new KX06 features a robust, waterproof, polycentric, 4-bar knee in combination with hydraulic swing and stance for a smooth, predictable operation and outstanding geometric stability in all terrain for high-impact and active users. The resilient and waterproof design makes KX06 ideal for the active user who requires a reliable knee that can withstand wet, muddy or dusty environments.

    Mercury Knee

    A robust, compact, single axis prosthetic knee for activity level 3 & 4 users. The Mercury’s tough frame and hydraulic swing and stance control meet the demands of the most active lifestyles.

    Mighty Mite Knee

    The Mighty Might Knee is a paediatric knee with adjustable extension assist and friction. It offers multiple attachment options, functional levels K1, K2, and K3, a 22mm pyramid, and a maximum patient weight of 60 kg. It has a compact build height of 95 mm.

    NK-6 Symphony Knee

    The NK-6 Symphony Knee has an unique 6-Bar polycentric structure, which provides stability in the stance phase. An original mechanical sensing mechanism, the p-MRS system automatically detects the walking status and then controls the stability accordingly. The stance flexion feature and the smooth swing phase by a hydraulic cylinder provide a comfortable gait to the user.

    Orion 3 Knee

    The enhanced Orion 3 Microprocessor knee offers advanced technology for a superior walking experience. Designed for activity level 3 walkers, it prioritizes safety and stability, providing a natural feel on various terrains and speeds. With the latest Orion iteration, users gain more control over their health and mobility.

    QUATTRO Knee

    The PROTEOR QUATTRO Microprocessor Knee is designed to be more intuitive, more personalized, and more adaptable. With patented technology, advanced customization options, extended battery life, and simple maintenance, QUATTRO gives you more of exactly what you need to live the life you want.

    Seattle Child's Play Knee

    Introducing the Seattle Child's Play Knee, a lightweight and robust polycentric knee designed with all the essential features for Aussie kids. What sets it apart is the added bonus of a semi-auto or manual knee lock, making it perfect for children with bilateral limb loss or functional challenges like muscle weakness in the sound limb.

    Victor Knee

    The Victor knee is a single axis, pneumatic knee joint featuring a friction brake to control stance phase. This knee is the ideal solution for low to moderate activity users, as it can adjust to accommodate both slow and fast paced walking.

    Easy Ride Knee

    The Easy Ride knee is intended for amputees who are serious about sport. Developed in collaboration with adaptive athletes, the Easyride features a pneumatic shock absorber and is particularly well suited to sports such as surfing, snowboarding, cycling, roller skating, ice skating, paddleboarding and more.

    HYDEAL II Knee

    The HYDEAL II knee is built for active amputees, featuring a re-engineered hydraulic unit for smooth walking and easier swing initiation. Its 4-bar polycentric design enhances geometric stability and safety during the stance phase.

    MATIK Knee

    The Matik is an affordable 4-axis pneumatic knee, designed for patients up to 125 kg. It offers high function with low maintenance, providing a smooth and comfortable walking experience with improved safety features and adjustable settings for optimal performance.

    Moto Knee 2

    A durable, versatile, and highly adjustable prosthetic knee designed to help achieve the best performance in sport and leisure. The Moto Knee 2 excels in activities where the user needs to simulate quadricep activation to stabilize stance, absorb impacts and requires assisted knee extension.

    1M113 Knee

    The 1M113 is a compact 4-axis knee offering adjustable socket rotation, friction, and extension assist. It ensures safety in the stance phase and features optimized alignment and axis geometry for a shorter leg segment during the swing phase.

    1M01/1M10 Series Knee

    The 1M Series features a secure lock for patient safety during walking. It offers socket rotation adjustment, joint friction adjustment, and an adjustable stop lock for added convenience and customization.

    1M112 Knee

    The 1M112 Knee is a compact 4-axis knee featuring socket rotation adjustment, friction adjustment, and extension assist adjustment. It ensures safety in the stance phase with optimized alignment and axis geometry, while its 4-axis and linkage design shortens the leg segment during the swing phase.

    Plié 3 Knee

    The Plié 3 is a highly responsive microprocessor-controlled knee that prioritises natural mobility. By leveraging advanced processing capabilities and an innovative hydraulic system, the Plié 3 is a groundbreaking MPC knee that surpasses performance standards and delivers an exceptional user experience.

    ALLUX 2 Knee

    ALLUX 2 is a 4-Bar Microprocessor Knee that controls both stance, and swing phase. It’s unique design boasts a dual safety system based on inherent stability factors and microprocessor control. ALLUX 2 heightens safety and security while providing exceptional functionality to the user.​

    Compact SAKL Knee

    This compact, lightweight prosthetic knee is ideally suited to individuals with low activity level who need the security of a locked knee during walking.

    ESK+ Knee

    The ESK+ with weight activated stance control and Stanceflex, offers a safe and smooth gait for moderately active Level 2-4 users. The pneumatic swing control may be adjusted to suit the individual and set for regular up to dynamic walking pace.
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