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    Technical Pages & Order Forms

    See below MSDS's, Order Forms, Technical Pages, Instruction Sheets, Colour and Sizing Charts and other product information. Please contact Paul Coleman via email or on 1300 672 937 if you require documentation not listed on this page.


    OPC Health Loaner Order Form


    High Temperature Thermoplastics 

    Copolymer Polypropylene MSDS
    Homopolymer Polypropylene MSDS
    Northene 1000 & 500 MSDS
    Northplex MSDS
    Northvane MSDS
    Seaflex MSDS


    Laminating Products

    Carbon Fibre MSDS
    Cream Hardner MSDS

    Eco Extreme Resin MSDS
    Epox Acryl MSDS
    Fibrex Glass MSDS
    Laminating Materials Technical Manual


    Liners & Suspension Systems

    ALPS Choose Your Liner Tool
    ALPS Easy Liner MSDS
    ALPS Smart Seal Liner
    Coyote Airlock Long Pin Technical
    Coyote Airlock Technical Page


    Lymphodema Garments - Made to Measure (MTM)

    Jobst Selection Guide - Custom Made Garments


    Lymphoedema Garments - Ready to Wear (RTW)

    Jobst Selection Guide - Upper Limb Compression
    Jobst Selection Guide - Lower Limb Compression



    Townsend AFO & KAFO Ankle Joints
    Townsend Air Knee Brace Order Form
    Townsend Casting Instructions
    Townsend Casting Tape Order Form
    Townsend Custom Repairs Form
    Townsend Full Shell KAFO Order Form
    Townsend Full Shell Trigger Lock Knee Order Form
    Townsend Hybrid KAFO Order Form
    Townsend KAFO Thermo Order Form
    Townsend OA Premier Reliever Order Form
    Townsend Polio Knee Brace Order Form
    Townsend Premier KAFO Order Form
    Townsend Premier Series Order Form
    Townsend Premier Trigger Lock Knee Order Form
    Townsend Rebel Lock Order Form
    Townsend Rebel Order Form
    Townsend Rebel Reliever Order Form
    Townsend Uni Reliever Order Form
    Townsend Warranty Information


    Prosthetic Feet

    College Park Foot Order Form
    Rush Foot Order Form


    Upper Limb Prosthetics

    Silicone Centre Order Form


    Turbo Med

    Turbo Med AFO Sizing Chart
    Turbo Med Assessment Tool
    Turbo Med Paediatric Assembly Instructions
    Turbo Med Small Assembly Instructions
    Turbo Med Medium Assembly Instructions
    Turbo Med Large Assembly Instructions
    Turbo Med Thermoforming Adjustments Guideline
    Turbo Med Guideline Shoe Selection



    Alleles Technical Brochure
    Alleles Warranty Form
    Alleles Order Form



    Trulife Warranty Card



    CD 4150 Part A
    CD 4150 Part B
    CD 4250 Part A
    CD 4250 Part B