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    The OPED VACOcast is a fixed flexion orthopedic fracture boot designed and engineered to assist in fast recovery and provide optimal comfort.
    SKU: WSS045
    Code Size Unit of Measure Measurement
    Code: VPCA-L Size: Large Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: US Shoe: 11.5-15 (Male), 12.5-16 (Female)
    Code: VPCA-M Size: Medium Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: US Shoe: 7.5-11.5 (Male), 8.5-12.5 (Female)
    Code: VPCA-S Size: Small Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: US Shoe: 3.5-7.5 (Male), 4.5-8.5 (Female)

    Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

    The OPED VACOcast is a fixed flexion orthopedic fracture boot designed and engineered to assist in fast recovery and provide optimal comfort.

    OPED's patented vacuum technology is the modern alternative to plaster and is integral to the VACO range of products. A cushion filled with thousands of styrofoam pearls surrounds the injured body part. When air is extracted from the cushion by using a pump, it becomes hard (like a cast), in just a few seconds. Opening the valve and letting airflow inside the cushion causes it to become soft again, allowing for readjustment to the body part.

    This innovative vacuum cushion avoids pressure to the body site and provides stability due to a perfectly shaped orthosis every time. The light but very stable plastic shell gives the orthosis the necessary support.


    • Adjustable calf width
    • Moveable toe plate to lengthen the plantar footbed
    • Two liners for hygiene
    • Detachable sole to keep street dirt out of beds and off furniture


    • Ankle fractures
    • Metatarsal fractures
    • Calcaneus fractures
    • Severe distortions
    • Internal prosthetics
    • Arthrodesis

    Specify shoe size for sizing.

    Size Mens (US) Womens (US) Euro UK Length of Foot (CM) Forefoot Width (CM) Ankle Circ (CM) Calf Circ (CM)
    Small 3.5 - 7.5 4.5 - 8.5 35 - 40 2.5 - 6.5 22-25cm 10cm 14-29cm 23-39cm
    Medium 6.5 - 11.5 8.5 - 12.5 40 - 45 6.5 - 10.5 25.1-28cm 12cm 22-40cm 35-51cm
    Large 11.5 -15 12.5 - 16 45 - 50 10.5 - 14 28.1-31cm 13cm 30-45cm 40-58cm
    Product Files
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    VACOcast IFU Download
    VACOcast Application Poster Download
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    OPC Health 2023 Core Hospital Brochure Download
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