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    COVVI Hand

    Brand: COVVI
    The COVVI Hand redefines prosthetic technology with its market-leading power density and three sizes delivering unmatched grip force and speed. Its innovative actuator design and three-way digit control offer next-level functionality. The built-in E-Paper screen displays notifications, troubleshooting, and training information, enhancing user experience. COVVI's expert team has collaborated to implement valuable lessons from previous designs, ensuring a cutting-edge, user-centric prosthetic solution. Embrace the COVVI Hand for a new level of precision, convenience, and empowerment in the world of prosthetics.
    Products specifications
    Product Weight 570g
    Lifting Capacity 90kg across knuckle / 32kg across the fingers / 16kg fingers
    Warranty 24 Months
    Type Myoelectric
    Product Files
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    COVVI Hand Technical Manual Download
    COVVI Hand Brochure Download
    COVVI Therapy Guide Download
    COVVI x Coapt Startup Guide Download
    Key Features
    Built-in E-Paper Screen
    Built-in E-Paper Screen

    The COVVI Hand is equipped with a built-in E-Paper screen, adding a layer of convenience and information access for users. The screen can display notifications, troubleshoot issues, and provide training information during setup, empowering users to stay informed and in control of their prosthetic experience.

    Three-Way Digit Control System
    Three-Way Digit Control System

    Unlike traditional prosthetic hands, the COVVI Hand offers a unique three-way digit control system. This innovative feature enables users to manipulate the hand's individual fingers with increased precision, allowing for more natural and versatile grasping and gripping movements.

    Market-Leading Power Density
    Market-Leading Power Density

    The COVVI Hand stands out with its revolutionary actuator design, boasting an exceptional power density that sets new industry standards. This results in unmatched grip force and lightning-fast speed, providing users with a level of performance and functionality previously unseen in prosthetics.

    Technical Specifications
    COVVI Hand
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