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    Seattle Child's Play Knee

    Introducing the Seattle Child's Play Knee, a lightweight and robust polycentric knee designed with all the essential features for Aussie kids. What sets it apart is the added bonus of a semi-auto or manual knee lock, making it perfect for children with bilateral limb loss or functional challenges like muscle weakness in the sound limb.

    Seattle Zumo Foot

    The Seattle Zumo foot is optimized for heavier users with a weight rating of up to 205kg. Its split composite keel enhances dynamic response, stability, and medial/lateral compliance. The foot shell, available in two colors, is removable and provides a high-quality, natural cosmesis.

    Seattle Kinetic Foot

    The Kinetic Light is designed for moderate K2 activity users with a flexible, full-length keel and male pyramid adapter. It offers customizable ankle bumpers for soft heel strike, foot-flat progression, and controlled toe-off. Suitable for both transfemoral and transtibial applications, it accommodates a wide weight range from under 60kg up to 160kg.

    Seattle Child's Play Foot

    The Child's Play Energy foot is a pediatric version of the Seattle Energy, featuring varying integral cosmesis to resemble a child's maturing foot. It provides shock absorption at heel strike and a smooth roll-over with dynamic response at toe-off, ensuring a natural gait. With six keel options based on weight and foot size, it offers customizable action to optimize the child's experience.

    Seattle SACH Foot

    The Seattle SACH foot is perfect for new amputees with low to medium-low impact levels (K1). It comes pre-assembled with M10 pyramid and foot bolt, featuring a Lifecast foot cosmesis in two color options. Ideal for those seeking stability and reliability during ambulation.

    Seattle Lightfoot II

    The Seattle Lightfoot 2 arrives fully assembled, featuring either a light or dark sandal toe foot shell. Its pre-assembled male pyramid ensures quick and easy installation onto the prosthetic socket. For Symes patients, the foot's pyramid and spacer can be easily removed, making it adaptable to specific needs. This design saves time for prosthetists and provides patients with a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

    Seattle Energy Foot

    The Seattle Energy offers dynamic response, improved compliance, stability, and cushioned heel. Ideal for Symes amputations, it comes with a removable pyramid and spacer for easy installation. The foot shell is lifelike and available in Light and Dark options. Safe for occasional water contact, but not frequent submersion.


    Prepeg composite struts for manufacturing custom posterior leaf spring type AFOs. Ideal for patients requiring a custom posterior leaf spring AFO for a variety of condition.


    The Swedish knee brace is ideal for knee hyperextension and genu recurvatum. Its lightweight, adjustable aluminum frame restricts extension and supports controlled knee flexion. Made from durable powder-coated aluminum.
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