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    Brand: Trulife
    TGA Approved: 227033
    Prepeg composite struts for manufacturing custom posterior leaf spring type AFOs. Ideal for patients requiring a custom posterior leaf spring AFO for a variety of condition.
    SKU: WEB001231
    Code Size Type Unit of Measure
    Code: FH255-F Size: 30MM Type: FIRM Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: FH255-M Size: 30MM Type: Medium Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: FH265-F Size: 40MM Type: FIRM Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: FH265-M Size: 40MM Type: Medium Unit of Measure: EA

    The Trulife Matrix Struts are a great option for those requiring a custom posterior leaf spring AFO. These struts offer M-L stability and graded plantar/dorsiflexion at the ankle to improve gait biomechanics and promote a more natural gait pattern. These struts are made of a prepreg composite and can be draped into an AFOs for a low-profile design.


    • Stroke
    • Neuromuscular disorders
    • Lower motor neuron lesions
    • Foot and ankle deformities


    • Made of prepreg composite: utilises energy storage and return properties to help propel the leg forward at toeoff. 
    • Low profile: bracketless design allows the struts to be moulded into the AFO
    • Available in 2 widths, each with two levels of flexibility (Medium, Firm)
    • Length of 18” (45 cm) which is to be trimmed to required length
    • Provides excellent mediolateral stability similar to a rigid ankle type AFO while still allowing graded plantarflexion and dorsiflexion
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