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Manufacturer: Chattanooga

The Triton Traction Unit is the most sophisticated on the market, with innovative features not found on any other device. Yet, at the same time, Triton has a user interface that is amazingly simple to use with colour screen and inbuilt Clinical Protocol system.


  • Progressive, traction and regressive steps
  • Digital high resolution colour touch screen
  • Independent timer control for progressive, regressive and traction steps
  • Variable speed motor allows pull at various speed settings (30%, 50% 100%).
  • Intermittent, static and cyclic traction programs
  • Pretension step: initiates traction to an initial step before treatment commences
  • Clinical Protocols™ for cervical and lumbar traction
  • 80 user-defined protocol slots.
  • Full colour graphical library includes anatomical images and common pathologies for the lumbar spine, cervical spine, wrist/hand and hip.
  • Traction rationale and detailed traction belting technique images
  • Multiple built-in safety features: patient interrupt switch, cervical maximum pull warning, audible warning signals.

Optional Upgrade:

  • Surface EMG activated mechanical traction option: initiates the distractive forces of a traction session when patient relaxes to the EMG target.