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    Brand: EMS
    Presenting the Swiss Dolorclast® Master Touch EVO Package, equipped with a color touch screen display and preset protocols for easy mastering. It offers accurate manual settings, pressure ramp-up, and energy density display. Inform patients with treatment pictures, videos, and details. Record patient data to track clinical results. Treat musculoskeletal pathologies effectively with Radial ESWT solution. Package includes Swiss DolorClast® Master console, Evo Blue® handpiece, contact gel, trolley cart, and external compressor.
    SKU: SMART50

    Swiss Dolorclast® Master Touch EVO Package


    • Colour touch screen display
    • Easy to master with its preset protocols, accurate manual settings, pressure ramp-up and energy density display
    • Inform your patients using treatment pictures, videos and method details.
    • Track clinical results by recording your patient's data
    • Treat musculoskeletal pathologies quickly and effectively with the Radial ESWT solution.


    • Frequency range: 1 - 20 Hz, in 1Hz increments.
    • Air pressure range: 1.5 - 4 bar (increment of 0.1 bar).
    • Impulse range: 500 – 10000 (increment of 500 impulses).

    What’s included:

    • Swiss DolorClast® Master console
    • Evo Blue® handpiece
    • Contact gel
    • Trolley cart
    • External compressor

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