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    PROTEOR’s mission is to create and provide innovative solutions for people who want to increase their independence and well-being.

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    Easy Ride Knee

    The Easy Ride knee is intended for amputees who are serious about sport. Developed in collaboration with adaptive athletes, the Easyride features a pneumatic shock absorber and is particularly well suited to sports such as surfing, snowboarding, cycling, roller skating, ice skating, paddleboarding and more.

    HYDEAL II Knee

    The HYDEAL II knee is built for active amputees, featuring a re-engineered hydraulic unit for smooth walking and easier swing initiation. Its 4-bar polycentric design enhances geometric stability and safety during the stance phase.

    MATIK Knee

    The Matik is an affordable 4-axis pneumatic knee, designed for patients up to 125 kg. It offers high function with low maintenance, providing a smooth and comfortable walking experience with improved safety features and adjustable settings for optimal performance.

    1M113 Knee

    The 1M113 is a compact 4-axis knee offering adjustable socket rotation, friction, and extension assist. It ensures safety in the stance phase and features optimized alignment and axis geometry for a shorter leg segment during the swing phase.

    1M01/1M10 Series Knee

    The 1M Series features a secure lock for patient safety during walking. It offers socket rotation adjustment, joint friction adjustment, and an adjustable stop lock for added convenience and customization.

    1M112 Knee

    The 1M112 Knee is a compact 4-axis knee featuring socket rotation adjustment, friction adjustment, and extension assist adjustment. It ensures safety in the stance phase with optimized alignment and axis geometry, while its 4-axis and linkage design shortens the leg segment during the swing phase.

    QUATTRO Knee

    The PROTEOR QUATTRO Microprocessor Knee is designed to be more intuitive, more personalized, and more adaptable. With patented technology, advanced customization options, extended battery life, and simple maintenance, QUATTRO gives you more of exactly what you need to live the life you want.

    Plié 3 Knee

    The Plié 3 is a highly responsive microprocessor-controlled knee that prioritises natural mobility. By leveraging advanced processing capabilities and an innovative hydraulic system, the Plié 3 is a groundbreaking MPC knee that surpasses performance standards and delivers an exceptional user experience.

    RUSH EVAQ8 Series

    The EVAQ8 elevated vacuum system holds the foot securely in the socket. The vacuum system integrated into the heel is automatically actuated when the user walks. The air between the sleeve and the socket is continually evacuated to create a constant vacuum. Users enjoy heightened proprioception which makes walking safer since the prosthesis is easier to control. Available for the RAMPAGE LP, HiPro and HiPro ROGUE feet.

    Freedom Highlander (MAX) Foot

    The Highlander Max enables the benefits of the Highlander to be made available to amputees over 166kg. With an industry highest weight limit of 226kg, this foot can be used in conjunction with the Heavy Duty Component Kit (NAC 202) to enable virtually any transtibial amputee to be provided with a prosthesis. Transfemoral amputees may be limited by the weight of available and appropriate knee units.

    Freedom Kinterra

    The Kinterra Foot/Ankle System combines hydraulic and carbon fiber tech for improved gait in low-moderate impact K3 ambulators, especially on slopes. Adjustable dorsiflexion and plantarflexion enhance comfort, and the Dorsi-Assist spring reduces toe-catching risk during downhill transitions.

    Freedom Kinnex Foot

    The Freedom Kinnex is a cutting-edge microprocessor ankle/foot tech with carbon fiber, offering stability, ground compliance, and comfort for low-moderate impact K3 ambulators. With 30 degrees of motion control, it enhances confidence and stability on various terrains, reduces socket pressures, and improves comfort in different positions. Designed for everyday activities and suitable for navigating obstacles with ease.

    RUSH Kid Foot

    The RUSH Kid packs all the RUSH RAMPAGE® benefits in under 55mm! Perfect for active kids, it offers dynamic energy return, smooth roll-through, and toe-off. It's a waterproof, all-terrain, and all-weather shoe, reducing socket, knee, and hip pain. Comes with a Black Spectra sock and heel wedge for added comfort.

    Freedom Shockwave Foot

    The Freedom ShockWave™ vertical shock foot combines Spherical Shock Unit (SSU) and EnduraCore® tech with classic Freedom foot design. K3/K4 ambulators get smooth vertical shock relief and axial rotation for daily & high-impact activities. Light and slim, it ensures an easy fit and finish.

    RUSH Rogue 2 Foot

    The RUSH Rogue®2 offers unparalleled foot and ankle motion with its advanced fiberglass composite material. Experience vertical shock relief, smooth roll-through, and biomimetic ankle action for a realistic feel. Enjoy extreme reliability and rotational torsion relief for extended use in high-impact activities. Push your limits on the court or rugged terrain with confidence, and nobody will know you wear a prosthetic.

    RUSH Chopart Foot

    The RUSH Chopart® is a dynamic and reliable solution for Chopart, Lisfranc, Pirogoff, Boyd, and partial foot prostheses. Unlike carbon Chopart plates prone to breakage, its unique glass composite design offers superior flexibility and durability, making it the top choice for amputees seeking long-lasting performance.

    RUSH Rampage Foot

    Introducing the RUSH RAMPAGE® - a cosmetically-friendly, lightweight foot with smooth roll-through and all-terrain capability. Combining aesthetics and high-performance, it offers comfort and versatility from the renowned RUSH Foot® Collection. Ideal for individuals seeking a blend of both cosmetic appeal and top-notch capabilities.

    RUSH Rampage LP Foot

    The RUSH Rampage LP is a trailblazing shoe featuring an advanced engineered glass composite material, incredibly durable and twice as flexible as standard carbon fiber. It ensures excellent energy return on tough terrains. The distinctive sole plate ensures a seamless heel-to-toe transition, eliminating dead spots and offering unparalleled foot and ankle motion for an ultra-realistic and responsive experience.

    Freedom Sierra Foot

    The Sierra foot offers active users a smoother gait with increased energy return and flexibility. Its angle-top design maximizes carbon fiber spring's length for better energy return, while the split-keel ensures confidence on uneven terrain. Full-length heel allows a stable base and exceptionally smooth gait.

    Freedom Pacifica Foot

    The Pacifica offers a comfortable, flexible low-profile design, ideal for users with long residual limbs. Its lightweight, durable construction provides energy return for longer walks. With a pyramid inside the foot shell, cosmetic finishing is simplified, and the low build height allows for additional componentry like rotators or shock absorbers for added comfort during extended wear.

    Freedom Agilix Foot

    The Agilix™ is a multi-axial, shock-absorbing flexible foot system designed to manage loading impacts, reduce socket shear forces and improve comfort while walking on uneven terrain. The ultra-lightweight design offers K3 ambulators comfortable performance.

    Freedom Dynadapt Foot

    With a slim profile and anatomical design, the carbon fibre DynAdapt foot is easy to fit and cover with a cosmesis. Its full-length split keel provides a smooth, uninterrupted roll-over from heel-strike to toe-off, with the medial/lateral compliance required to provide good stability on uneven terrain. The advanced composite laminate delivers a high cycle fatigue in a design that also gives a high energy return.

    ALLUX 2 Knee

    ALLUX 2 is a 4-Bar Microprocessor Knee that controls both stance, and swing phase. It’s unique design boasts a dual safety system based on inherent stability factors and microprocessor control. ALLUX 2 heightens safety and security while providing exceptional functionality to the user.​

    RUSH H20

    Incomparable grip! No foot shell required! The RUSH Foot® H2O collection is the ideal foot for your shower leg or various, non-invasive water sport activities. Available in the tried-and-true RUSH Foot® HiPro, RAMPAGE, RAMPAGE LP and Rogue 2 models and featuring an integrated Vibram® sole and custom molded rubber toe wrap. The RUSH Foot® H2O collection of feet offer the same great durability and comfort of all the other RUSH feet, but now adds superior traction on slick surfaces. From the shower to the pool, you won’t find a foot that provides this amount of grip and added confidence on slippery surfaces.


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