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    Orion 3 Knee

    Brand: Blatchford
    The enhanced Orion 3 Microprocessor knee offers advanced technology for a superior walking experience. Designed for activity level 3 walkers, it prioritizes safety and stability, providing a natural feel on various terrains and speeds. With the latest Orion iteration, users gain more control over their health and mobility.
    Products specifications
    Functional Level K3, K4
    Type Microprocessor
    Patient Maximum Weight (kg) 125
    Waterproof Weatherproof
    Product Weight 1.50kg
    Build Height 250mm
    Warranty 36 Months
    Max Knee Flexion 130°
    Battery Life 2 - 3 Days
    Product Files
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    Orion 3 - User Guide Download
    Orion 3 - Brochure Download
    Key Features
    Enhanced Posture & Safety
    Enhanced Posture & Safety

    The Orion3 knee combines maximum resistance for stability on flat and slopes, promoting better posture and balanced loading to alleviate pressure on the sound limb and lower back. With progressive hydraulic resistance, it provides enhanced support and control for sitting down safely and confidently, while distributing balanced loading between both limbs.

    Enhanced Stability Performance (ESP)
    Enhanced Stability Performance (ESP)

    ESP enhances user confidence and independence by reducing the risk of falls and ensuring balanced limb loading. ESP adapts hydraulic resistance in real time, providing optimal stance support in various situations, including walking in crowded areas, uneven terrain, slopes, steps, and even during standing. Orion3 prioritizes safety with continuous activity monitoring and responsive adjustments.

    Natural Efficient Motion
    Natural Efficient Motion

    An optional feature designed to provide a higher resistance to stance flexion when sudden deceleration occurs and causes the knee to be unstable. This provides the user with increased support resulting in more control and stability.

    Technical Specifications
    Orion 3 Knee
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