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    Brand: Chattanooga
    Intelect Neo sEMG amp; Channel 1/2 Stimulation Module. The sEMG module combines surface EMG biofeed...
    SKU: ELS12-N

    Intelect Neo sEMG & Channel 1/2 Stimulation Module

    The sEMG module combines surface EMG biofeedback with 2 channel electrotherapy and the ability to trigger stim from sEMG outputs. The module fully integrates with the Neo’s advanced features such as the Clinical Protocol Setup (CPS) system.

    • Over 30 clinical waveforms
    • Up to 4 independent electrotherapy channels (with optional channel 3/4 module)
    • A comprehensive electrode placement guide with detailed descriptions and imagery
    • Improved sEMG functionality offering both bar and linear graph displays
    • Provides precise biofeedback of muscle activity with a sensitivity of less than 3 micro volts
    • Specific muscle isolation for re-education, strengthening or rehabilitation

    Download Intelect Neo sEMG and Stimulation Module brochure.