From $2,525.00 (AUD) ex GST
Manufacturer: Chattanooga

The combination of Dual Frequency Ultrasound, and two independent channels of Interferential and Stims. This series of units offers the clinician a sophisticated system of modalities, evidence based Clinical Protocols and upgradeable software with the ability to add modules of therapy. With a user friendly interface and high resolution screen, features such as the anatomical graphical library add further value to the comprehensive package.

Upgrade and Accessory Options:

  • sEMG and sEMG + Electrical Stimulation module
  • Extra channels of Stim module
  • Laser module
  • Portable battery module
  • Vacuum electrode system
  • Therapy cart
  • Patient remote controls
  • Patient Data Card and Software Management system
  • Iontophoresis accessories
  • Ultrasound applicators: 1cm², 2cm², 5cm², 10cm²
  • Carry bag
  • Hi Volt probe

Models Available:

  • Intelect Advanced Therapy Combo Unit with Colour Screen (2752CC)
  • Intelect Advanced Therapy Combo Unit with Colour Screen with sEMG & sEMG Stim (2762CC)
  • Intelect Advanced Therapy Combo Unit with Monochromatic Screen (2772MC)

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