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Comfortable long lasting design that fits in seconds to provide amazing support in all elbow positions for sport, work or play

go-strap tennis elbow support movement and grip strength

The GO-STRAP is designed to carry the load of injured soft tissue.

It is indicated for use in the treatment of tennis or golf elbow (Lateral or Medial Epicondylitis).

The remarkable advantage of the GO-STRAP to the user is the ability to unload the injured soft tissue of the supinator, extensor muscles and Common Extensor Tendon so as to release their tension. This is what many therapists do with sports taping even though it is not convenient long term, and no other strap approaches this unique design problem like the GO-STRAP. The simple but effective design provides firm support in a large range of elbow positions using the advantages of the proven 'anchor' and 'tie' approach. The support is comfortable and flexible, in contrast to the disadvantages of skin irritation and elbow restriction which are the main problems with rigid sports tape. This amazing innovation provides instant support!

Measure around widest part of forearm


162 to 212mm

(6.5" to 8.5")


213 to 262mm

(8.5" to 10.5")


263 to 312mm

(10.5" to 12.5")

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