From $169.00 (AUD) GST Exempt

Supportive positioning and protection for the flaccid upper extremity. Designed to promote functional positioning and dynamic joint compression during standing and ambulation. Assists to reduce shoulder subluxation and pain by elevating the humerus and holding it in near neutral rotation. Protects the involved arm from injury while facilitating increased balance, and improved gait. The GivMohr sling can be worn on the left or right side. Sizing is based on height and weight.

Code Size Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
NC16013-0 Extra Small Height: <1.5m | Weight: <45kg $169.00 GST Exempt No*
NC16013-1 Small Height: 1.5m - 1.6m | Weight: 45kg - 64kg $169.00 GST Exempt No*
NC16013-2 Medium Height: 1.6m - 1.8m | Weight: 61kg - 84kg $169.00 GST Exempt No*
NC16013-3 Large Height: 1.8m - 2m | Weight: 82kg - 107kg $169.00 GST Exempt Yes
NC16013-4 Extra Large Height: >2m | Weight: >107kg $169.00 GST Exempt No*
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