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A lightweight, strong and durable casting tape that combines the benefits of a fibreglass casting tape with the handling ease of plaster. Available in multiple colours to meet patient preferences.

Sold in a box of 10. 3.6m rolls.

  • Water-activated resin lets you control working time according to application needs.
  • High and early strength allows for weight-bearing in 20 minutes and provides a durable cast with less chance of breakdown and the need for costly repairs or replacements.
  • Lightweight for easy mobility.
  • Stretches to conform well to contours for a more comfortable, better fitting cast.
Code Colour Size RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
3M82002 White 5cm $172.50 ex GST No*
3M82002A Black 5cm $172.50 ex GST No*
3M82002B Dark Blue 5cm $172.50 ex GST No*
3M82002G Dark Green 5cm $172.50 ex GST No*
3M82002LB Light Blue 5cm $172.50 ex GST No*
3M82002R Red 5cm $172.50 ex GST No*
3M82002U Purple 5cm $172.50 ex GST No*
3M82002V Bright Green 5cm $172.50 ex GST No*
3M82002W Orange 5cm $172.50 ex GST No*
3M82002X Pink 5cm $172.50 ex GST No*
3M82003 White 7.5cm $203.50 ex GST No*
3M82003A Black 7.5cm $203.50 ex GST No*
3M82003B Dark Blue 7.5cm $203.50 ex GST No*
3M82003G Green 7.5cm $203.50 ex GST No*
3M82003LB Light Blue 7.5cm $203.50 ex GST No*
3M82003R Red 7.5cm $203.50 ex GST No*
3M82003U Purple 7.5cm $203.50 ex GST No*
3M82003V Bright Green 7.5cm $203.50 ex GST No*
3M82003W Bright Orange 7.5cm $203.50 ex GST No*
3M82003X Pink 7.5cm $203.50 ex GST No*
3M82004 White 10cm $248.00 ex GST No*
3M82004A Black 10cm $248.00 ex GST No*
3M82004DB Dark Blue 10cm $248.00 ex GST No*
3M82004LB Light Blue 10cm $248.00 ex GST No*
3M82004R Red 10cm $248.00 ex GST No*
3M82005 White 12.5cm $289.00 ex GST No*
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