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    The new Xtern SUMMIT is 25% lighter than the original Xtern CLASSIC. It comes fully equipped with 10 lace clips, as well as 2 complete sets of calf pads and straps
    SKU: WEB001067
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    Code: 101100-SA-L Size: Large Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: 10.5-15.5 AU Mens
    Code: 101100-SA-M Size: Medium Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: 7-11 AU Mens
    Code: 101100-SA-S Size: Small Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: 2-7.5 AU Mens

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    The XTERN SUMMIT AFO is Game Changer solution for people afflicted by foot drop.

    It is covered by a "peace of mind" warranty of 3 years against any breakage of plastic or carbon fiber parts.

    Its unique Exoskeleton Spring design is fully flexible and dynamic. It will allow running, walking and hiking for as far as you want without any discomfort.

    The XTERN SUMMIT can be fitted on any shoes, high hiking footwear, winter or safety boots and can be interchanged from one shoe to another in a few seconds.

    This device controls foot drop and allows easy plantar flexion in order to keep maximal ankle range of motion and calf muscle strength.

    It is affixed to the outside of the shoe to maximize comfort and prevent skin breakdown, and rubbing injuries to the foot.

    What is an AFO?

    An AFO, or Ankle Foot Orthosis, is an ankle brace designed to support instability, weakness, or irregular posture. It stabilises the ankle, enhancing biomechanics, particularly for conditions like foot drop. OPC Health offers both prefabricated and custom AFOs based on individual patient needs.


    When should I use an AFO?

    Determining the need for an AFO should involve a healthcare provider's assessment, such as an Orthotist or Physiotherapist. Prefabricated AFOs are suitable for mild foot drop, while custom devices are recommended for more complex cases involving coronal plane deviations.


    How does an AFO work?

    An AFO ankle brace applies a 3-point force system to the limb, employing two forces in one direction and a counterforce opposing them to act on the limb.


    Which AFO is right for me?

    Healthcare providers, such as Orthotists or Physiotherapists assess patient profiles to determine the most appropriate AFO ankle support. Their thorough evaluation guides clinicians in recommending suitable treatments.


    How do I take care of my AFO?

    Most AFOs can be wiped with a wet wipe, and removable padding can be hand washed with soapy water. Ensure both the AFO and padding are completely dry before use.
    Check out the oapl afo patient guide here for more informations. 


    What is the warranty for an AFO?

    Our warranty coverage varies for each product, ensuring tailored protection. For specific details or inquiries, contact our customer service at the provided number, 1300 672 937, or visit our website here. We're here to assist you with any questions regarding the warranty for your particular product.


    How do I know if my AFO will fit correctly?

    Patients may initially experience discomfort, but it should subside during the wearing-in period. Clinicians should ensure proper function, addressing any issues like excessive pressure or friction.


    Which AFO is the best for Footdrop?

    The best AFO for foot drop depends on factors such as severity, diagnosis, environment, and goals.


    How long should I wear an AFO ankle brace?

    The wearing regime varies, prescribed by clinicians based on individual needs — some wear it only when walking or during the day.


    How do I put on an AFO brace?

    An AFO can be placed in the shoe and worn simultaneously, acting as a shoehorn, or it can be put on first with straps tightened, followed by putting on the shoe.


    Do AFOs really help?

    When prescribed correctly, AFOs significantly improve the quality of life by aligning with patient goals and enhancing gait biomechanics.


    Can I still do sport with my AFO ankle Brace?

    The feasibility of participating in sports with an AFO depends on the specific sport, the type of AFO, and individual circumstances. Some individuals successfully engage in sports with certain AFOs, while others may find it challenging. It's crucial to consult with your healthcare provider to determine the most suitable AFO for your desired physical activities and receive guidance on adapting to sports while wearing it.


    Why buy an AFO from OPC Health?

    OPC Health is your go-to supplier for Allied Health professionals having supported the industry for over 40 years. Backed by our clinical expertise, we can provide the technical support for all your AFO enquiries.

    For the general public, you can visit for all your general sports medicine and bracing requirements.  


    Need assistance?

    For assistance or inquiries, call us at 1300 672 937 or contact us at for additional support or healthcare solutions. We're here to help!

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    The TurboMed XTERN AFO is Game Changer solution for peoples afflicted by foot drop.


    An adjustable demo brace, allows the clinician to fit and assess a patient's suitablility for the TurboMed XTern Orthotic kit is less than five minutes.


    Replacement strap and calf pad kit is suitable to fit size Small, Medium, or Large. The Extension Stopper is an additional part that can be added to the TurboMed XTern/ FS3000 AFO.