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    The XTERN FRONTIER AFO has been developed especially for foot drop patients with reduced hand dexterity such as stroke patients while remaining suitable for all people afflicted by foot drop.
    SKU: WEB001068
    Code Size Unit of Measure Measurement
    Code: 102100-SA-S Size: Small Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: 2-7.5 AU Mens
    Code: 102100-SA-M Size: Medium Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: 7-10 AU Mens
    Code: 102100-SA-L Size: Large Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: 10-15.5 AU Mens

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    TurboMed Orthotics is proud to present the newly developed XTERN FRONTIER AFO, a model that offers a brand new way of putting on the revolutionary foot drop orthosis. The frontal approach of leg support, leaves the back of the shoe opening fully accessible for easy donning. The leg support attachment features a magnetic buckle system that can be attached with one hand.

    The XTERN FRONTIER AFO is a game changer for people afflicted by foot drop. Its unique Exoskeleton Spring design is fully flexible and dynamic. It will allow running, walking and hiking for as far as you want without any discomfort.

    The XTERN FRONTIER can be fitted on any shoes, high hiking footwear, winter or safety boots and can be interchanged from one shoe to another in a few seconds.

    This device controls foot drop and allows easy plantar flexion in order to keep maximal ankle range of motion and calf muscle strength.

    It is affixed to the outside of the shoe to maximize comfort and prevent skin breakdown, and rubbing injuries to the foot.