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    Espire Pro Elbow

    The Espire Elbow range combines technology and biology, appealing to diverse patients with its anatomically shaped design and comfortable resting position. Steeper Group's Espire Pro is a game-changing powered elbow, offering intuitive usage with removable battery, electric lock, and free swing options. Its compatibility with various terminal devices and easy programming via the Espire Hub iPad app ensures reliability and convenience for prosthetic users.

    Espire Hybrid Elbow

    The Espire Hybrid features Pro-level electronics and battery but without the powered elbow joint. Instead, it incorporates an adjustable forearm counterbalance mechanism to evenly distribute weight and negate gravity's effects on the forearm, wrist, and terminal device. This effortless positioning enables patients to find comfort easily. Additionally, the Hybrid utilizes the same inputs as the Pro, providing seamless control over a wide range of terminal devices for added convenience.

    Espire Classic Plus Elbow

    The Espire Classic Plus is an innovative mechanical elbow with a manual lock and forearm counterbalance mechanism. It offers prosthetists the flexibility to attach various inputs and batteries through a plug-in board at the top of the arm. This design allows for a wider range of terminal devices to be connected at the distal end. Moreover, the discreet compartment accommodates other manufacturers' batteries without the need for arm modifications, ensuring convenience and adaptability.

    Espire Classic Elbow

    The Espire Classic is a cutting-edge body-powered mechanical elbow, designed to provide superior functionality and comfort. It boasts a unique forearm counterbalance mechanism and manual lock, ensuring precise control and stability during use. The adjustable dial allows users to fine-tune the counterbalance effect, offering versatility for lateral or medial positioning. Emphasizing simplicity and user-friendliness, this model forgoes electronics and circuitry, resulting in a remarkably lightweight option that delivers exceptional performance and enhances the overall user experience.
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