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    MC Electric Terminal Device

    The Motion Control ETD (Electric Terminal Device) is a robust, functional, and water-resistant option, favored by numerous users. Compatible with Motion Control elbow systems and ProControl 2, it offers Flexion Wrist and Multi-flex Wrist choices, along with an optional MC Wrist Rotator for added versatility and convenience.

    MC Electric Terminal Device 2

    The Motion Control ETD2, the second generation Electric Terminal Device, offers the same robust features in a shorter, sleeker design. Ideal for long trans-radial amputation levels, it closely matches a standard hand size. With multiple gripping surfaces and field replaceable parts, it provides passive stabilization for objects. The wider fingers enhance holding ability with decreased pinch forces, while the proximal area ensures stability for large cylindrical objects.

    MC Wrist Rotator

    The Motion Control Wrist Rotator is a powerful, fast, and quiet device, compatible with Utah Arm, Hybrid Arm, or ProControl 2. It offers 2x speed and torque compared to others, making it the ideal choice for i-limb™ or bebionic™ hands. Its on-board processor, ProWrist, provides versatility and a quick disconnect system. Available in Tan, Brown, or Jet Black, it meets various preferences and needs for prosthetic users.