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    Capital Knee

    The Capital is a hydraulic, single-axis knee joint that is easy to use for both patients and clinicians. Featuring smooth and responsive hydraulics during both swing and stance phase, this knee effortlessly accommodates the variable gait of the user. Durable, sleek, and fresh water friendly, the Capital is handmade in America with care. This knee also features easy mode selection and standard 4mm adjustments for simple set up. The Capital is a strong, reliable solution for moderate to high activity users.

    Guardian Knee

    Introducing the new and improved Guardian knee! This lightweight, mechanical knee features a friction brake for stance control, stance flexion, and extension assist. It’s best suited as a rehabilitation tool for new patients or permanent solution for low-impact users.

    Victor Knee

    The Victor knee is a single axis, pneumatic knee joint featuring a friction brake to control stance phase. This knee is the ideal solution for low to moderate activity users, as it can adjust to accommodate both slow and fast paced walking.

    Odyssey K3 Foot

    The Odyssey K3, the latest addition to College Park's hydraulic feet line, offers increased ground contact with a patented curved hydraulic ankle and high-frequency carbon fiber foot base. Designed for moderate impact users with good balance, it delivers exceptional performance for activities like city walking and multi-terrain hiking, providing a smooth and dynamic response.

    Odyssey K2 Foot

    The Odyssey K2 hydraulic foot from College Park offers K2 patients controlled motion, force absorption, and a smooth sit-to-stand transition. With a patented curved hydraulic ankle, IntelliweaveTM composite foot base, and customizable dual StrideControlTM, it provides a lightweight and low-profile design, delivering superior motion range and comfort for K2 patients.

    Tribute Foot

    The Tribute offers dependable performance with a tri-axial design and Intelliweave® composite technology. Its lightweight, full-length toe lever, and low-frequency response ensure a wide range of motion and stability on diverse terrains. Ideal for initial fittings and low to moderate impact users, the Tribute is a valuable package providing reliable solutions for various prosthetic needs.

    Venture Foot

    The Venture foot offers a higher frequency dynamic response for active users with its full-length toe lever. It utilizes advanced bumpers and flexible Intelliweave® composites for a progressive and responsive experience. The custom-built foot, featuring the exclusive Stride ControlTM, allows effortless fine-tuning without disassembly, enhancing its appeal to users seeking optimal performance and convenience.

    Scout Foot

    The Scout is a pediatric foot designed to provide reliable energy return and growth adaptability for kids. It combines College Park's Intelliweave® composite technology and durable carbon fiber for smooth motion, strength, and flexibility during play. With a wide size range and size-up foot shell capabilities, it accommodates growing children. Offering four mounting options, this lightweight and low-maintenance foot is youth-friendly and suitable for various needs.

    Truper Foot

    Designed for active kids, the Truper foot offers a perfect blend of high energy and stability. Its flexible foreheel and bumpers efficiently store energy for smooth standing-to-running transitions. With easy adjustments for growing children, it comes in two size ranges, ensuring flexibility throughout adolescence, making it an ideal choice for young and dynamic individuals.


    Meet the SidekicksTM, innovative adjustable stubbie feet for foreshortened prostheses. Drawing from 15 years of expertise with Venture® ankle technology, College Park engineers have crafted these feet with natural anatomical ankle motion and a flexible platform. They revolutionize options for bilateral, transfemoral amputees, providing gait-matched balance and stability even in real-world and water environments.

    Orbit Foot

    Experience the world-revolving Orbit foot, offering smooth rotation and rollover with integrated energy return. College Park's low-profile, durable design boasts a 40° rotation range, ideal for golf, baseball, tennis, and more. Its carbon fiber construction ensures dynamic response during low to high impact activities.

    Trustep Foot

    The Trustep sets the bar for comfort and natural mobility, offering unparalleled movement in all planes and near-anatomical motion. Its versatile design allows for full customization with a wide range of options, making it an original and unrivaled choice for those seeking exceptional stability and customization.

    Terrain Foot

    The Terrain foot by College Park offers comfort and anatomical ankle motion with energy return in a low-profile design. Utilizing tri-axial technology expertise, it features a carbon fiber base and permanent bumpers for a responsive experience in various activities. Versatile and service-free, the Terrain ensures comfort during low to high-impact tasks, making it an ideal choice for navigating life's challenges with ease.

    Breeze Foot

    The Breeze, a revolutionary K2 foot by College Park, offers a water-friendly design with corrosion-resistant materials, a water drain port, and modifications to prevent water accumulation. It also features a toe-rollover assist. The Breeze foot provides maximum benefits at an affordable cost.

    Accent Foot

    The Accent provides 5 cm of heel height adjustment through a simple push of a button. The foot comes with a contoured, soft shin fairing that locks into the shell and prevents cosmetic buckling when the foot is adjusted at various heel heights. The Accent provides a service-free option for individuals who desire a cosmetically appealing foot.

    Velocity Foot

    The Velocity's coupled toe springs create a progressive, dynamic response for comfortable walking and high-impact activities. Designed to enhance smooth rollover, this foot offers high functionality for thrill seekers with minimal maintenance, keeping them active and on the go.

    Soleus Foot

    The Soleus introduces Integrated Spring Technology (iST®) for natural movement, offering a three-staged response and superior range of motion. Its intelligent foot design integrates Intelliweave composite springs within a resilient plantar belt, adapting to various impacts. With 10 mm of vertical compliance, it ensures unparalleled comfort. The Soleus suits moderate to high-impact Paralympic athletes, setting a new benchmark in prosthetics with its innovative design, catering to diverse lifestyles and elevating comfort and performance standards.

    Aviator Foot

    This new, lightweight foot is designed to provide high energy return, comfort, and vertical shock absorption in every step. Combining flexible Intelliweave® composites with dynamic carbon fiber, the sleek Aviator uses a hybrid material approach in its springs. These features offer superior range of motion to accommodate a wide range of activities and users. When life gets turbulent, the Aviator can help you stay the course.

    Voyager Foot

    The College Park Voyager offers ultimate comfort and rotation for any journey. Its vertical shock absorption, responsive springs, and built-in torsion make it feel natural to the user. With a wide range of motion, it suits different activity levels. The sleek design combines flexible Intelliweave® composites and durable carbon fiber for maximum functionality and performance.

    Horizon Foot

    The Horizon HD foot by College Park features a carbon fiber laminate design with aircraft-grade materials, ensuring a high weight limit and durability. Its low-profile, lightweight structure provides superior energy return for high-impact users.


    M-Fingers offer easy user control through motion, enabling efficient and precise task performance. Their secure grip, conforming to objects, ensures confidence in daily use. Made with high-strength composite materials for durability and longevity.

    Full M-Finger

    M-Fingers offer intuitive control through the user's motion, enhancing task performance with precision and responsiveness. Their durable, molded composite design ensures a secure grip, making daily use more effective and confident.

    Partial M-Finger

    Partial M-Fingers are specialized prosthetics for individuals with partial finger loss. They feature a custom carbon fiber socket that ensures comfort and stability. Controlled by motion in the remaining finger, they enable users to grasp objects with precision and speed. This technology allows for direct control over the fingertip's movement, making it easier for the user to perform everyday tasks.

    Celsus Foot

    Introducing the Celsus Foot by College Park, a true game-changer in prosthetic technology. Designed with College Park's groundbreaking Integrated Spring Technology (iST), this foot brings a whole new level of performance and comfort to prosthetic users.


    Replacement spectra socks. Creates a barrier between the foot shell and composites for noise abatement and prevention of dirt accumulation and moisture.
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