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    Moto Knee 2

    A durable, versatile, and highly adjustable prosthetic knee designed to help achieve the best performance in sport and leisure. The Moto Knee 2 excels in activities where the user needs to simulate quadricep activation to stabilize stance, absorb impacts and requires assisted knee extension.

    Versa Foot 2

    The Versa Foot 2 is a next-generation prosthetic foot designed for AK and BK amputees in various activities. Built for extreme performance and adaptability, it efficiently absorbs shock through the toe and heel. Its customizable sole plates cater to different activities, and with a wide range of adjustability and tuning options, it stands out as one of the most versatile and functional prosthetic feet on the market.

    Alpine Foot

    A high-performance prosthetic foot purpose-built for downhill skiing that eliminates the need for traditional ski boots by directly connecting the Alpine Foot to the ski binding.
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