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    Brand: Ambroise
    TGA Approved: 139107
    Designed for treating shoulder subluxations/luxations by reducing load on the ligament and joint capsule.
    SKU: WEB001372
    Code Size Type Unit of Measure
    Code: 250500 Size: Left Type: Hands Free Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: 250501 Size: Right Type: Hands Free Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: 250502 Size: Left Type: With Hand Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: 250503 Size: Right Type: With Hand Unit of Measure: EA

    In general a shoulder subluxation/luxation is a permanent condition. If a subluxation remains untreated, the shoulder will gradually increase its drop out of position. This is usually a highly painful situation. On top of that the arm can hardly be used functionally. An orthosis may be necessary to prevent further increase of the subluxation, to reduce pain and to regain some of the arm functions.


    • Effective neutralisation of shoulder subluxation.
    • Regain some of the arm functions.
    • Reduced chance on oedema formation in hand, fingers and forearm.
    • Reduced pain and discomfort in arm and shoulder.
    • No neck loading.
    • Only minor limitation of arm mobility.
    • Can be worn fully underneath clothing.
    • High wearing comfort partly because of open and lightweight construction.
    • Smart unlocking: allows the arm to be temporarily stretched

    Availble in 2 models

    • Hands free: Supports the affected arm, but leaves hand and fingers free.
    • With hand: Not only supports the forearm but also the hand and wrist by means of a hand support.
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