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Manufacturer: Townsend

Download product brochure here. Please refer to product brochure for sizing information.

The Townsend SpryStep AFO uses advanced modern composite fiber technology to improve outcomes in orthotic science.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight, durable composite construction engineered with unique laminated characteristics to prevent fracture and breakage
  • Material diversity offers strategic flexibility and stiffness to enhance performance and patient comfort
  • Proprietary posterior lateral position of the strut increases patient compliance and energy return for activity reengagement
  • High performing composites and low profile design maximize patient comfort, functionality and cosmetic finish
  • Practitioner friendly and adjustable

To be ordered and fitted by a qualified practitioner only.

Code Size Type RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
102-H1004 Extra Small Left $950.00 ex GST Yes
102-H1000 Small Left $950.00 ex GST Yes
102-H1001 Medium Left $950.00 ex GST Yes
102-H1002 Large Left $950.00 ex GST No*
102-H1003 Extra Large Left $950.00 ex GST Yes
102-H2004 Extra Small Right $950.00 ex GST Yes
REFURBKIT105-304 Small Left $950.00 ex GST No*
102-H2000 Small Right $950.00 ex GST Yes
102-H2001 Medium Right $950.00 ex GST Yes
102-H2002 Large Right $950.00 ex GST Yes
102-H2003 Extra Large Right $950.00 ex GST No*
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