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    Brand: Thuasne USA
    A fully custom composite knee brace designed for those needing knee stability and a locked knee position during stance.
    SKU: WEB001374

    Part of Thuasne’s range of lightweight composite and fully custom knee braces.

    Available in a full shell model which is made custom, from a scan, to increase shell-to-skin contact for maximal control. There are also several hinge options and material stiffnesses to suit patients with different needs.


    • Thuasne’s patented TM5+ Hinge
    • Exclusive Synergistic Suspension Strap
    • Rotation control tibial shell contour
    • Greater shell-to-skin contact for maximum control (Full Shell Design)

    5-year warranty of a brace that has a shell or hinge failure (carbon delamination, breakage and/or hinge breakage).

    Replacement parts including straps, chafes, hinge covers, and padding are covered under warranty for six-months from the date of shipment.

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    Thuasne Sprystep Knee Brochure Download
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