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Manufacturer: North Coast Medical

Provides wrist positioning and adjustability for both flexion and extension of the hand, wrist, thumb and digits. The innovative design combines a malleable frame with dense foam padding for a lightweight, soft orthosis. C-BAR assists to maintain webspace of thumb. Removable finger separator. Removable padded liner for comfort and ventilation to minimise skin maceration.or sizing, measure width across MCP joints at DPC. 

This splint is to replace the following styles:

  • Progress IF (Individual Finger) Ball Orthosis: NC25608-NC25613
  • Progress Neutral Resting Orthosis: NC25684-NC25689
  • Progress Functional Resting Orthosis: NC25556, NC25557, NC25600-NC25605
  • Progress Neutral Hand Cone Orthosis: NC25630-NC25635
  • Progress Dorsal Anti-Spasticity Orthosis: NC25670-NC25671
  • Progress Palmar Bar Orthosis: NC52261-NC52263
  • Progress Palm & Wrist Protector: NC25623-NC25628
Code Size Type Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
NC25560 Extra Small Left 7.6cm - 8.3cm $352.00 GST Exempt No*
NC25561 Extra Small Right 7.6cm - 8.3cm $352.00 GST Exempt No*
NC25562 Small Left 8.3cm - 8.9cm $352.00 GST Exempt No*
NC25563 Small Right 8.3cm - 8.9cm $352.00 GST Exempt No*
NC25564 Medium Left 8.9cm - 9.5cm $352.00 GST Exempt No*
NC25565 Medium Right 8.9cm - 9.5cm $352.00 GST Exempt No*
NC25566 Large Left 9.5cm and up $352.00 GST Exempt No*
NC25567 Large Right 9.5cm and up $352.00 GST Exempt No*
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