From $30.00 (AUD) ex GST
Manufacturer: North Coast Medical

Sold as kits. Kits come with Finished Hook Ends, Single Hook Tabs, Double Hook Tabs, or D-Ring Buckles, depending on the related Progress™ Splint. Select the correct set to suit the base splint and size.

Code Size Type RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
NC25535 Extra Small to Large Wrist Flex Turnbuckle $44.00 ex GST No*
NC25536 Extra Small to Large Wrist Ext. Turnbuckle $44.00 ex GST No*
NC25537 Pediatric Funct. Resting $35.00 ex GST No*
NC25538 Extra Small to Large Funct. Resting $40.00 ex GST Yes
NC25539 Small to Large IF Ball $30.00 ex GST No*
NC25540 Small to Large Palm Wrist $30.00 ex GST No*
NC25541 Small to Large Neutral Hand $35.00 ex GST Yes
NC25542 Youth Elbow $39.00 ex GST No*
NC25543 Small to Large Elbow $39.00 ex GST No*
NC25544 Pediatric Elbow $45.00 ex GST No*
NC25545 Small to Medium Elbow Hinge $45.00 ex GST No*
NC25546 Medium to Large Elbow Hinge $75.00 ex GST No*
NC25547 Extra Small to Large Dorsal Anti-Spasticity $45.00 ex GST No*
NC25548 Extra Small to Large Neutral Resting $39.00 ex GST Yes
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