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Whilst providing full finger function, this very low profile wrap-around support provides adjustable support for the thumb CMC joint in the treatment of osteoarthritis and medial subluxation. The shaped strap wraps around the thumb CMC joint and the first metacarpal for targeted CMC joint support.

An extensive size range covers paediatric to adult sizes and plus sizes are a full size bigger in thumb circumference to fit oedematous thumb conditions. Function and fit without bulk.

Procool is a range of lightweight and breathable splints producing excellent compression and support for a wide range of conditions and injuries. Procool is made with tiny perforations in the neoprene for comfortable wear, and a terry cloth lining that feels good against the skin. This brace can be trimmed if required.

Indications include: CMC Joint Arthritis, CMC Instability, Tendinitis, pain associated with repetitive motion.

Measure wrist circumference for sizing.

Code Size Type Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
BT-PTRSBLAXXSL XX Small Left 11cm - 14 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLAXXSR XX Small Right 11cm - 14 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLAXSL Extra Small Left 14cm - 17 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLAXSR Extra Small Right 14cm - 17 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLASL Small Left 15cm - 18 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLASR Small Right 15cm - 18 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLAS+L Small Plus Left 17cm - 18 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLAS+R Small Plus Right 17cm - 18 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLAML Medium Left 18cm - 20 cm $31.80 ex GST No*
BT-PTRSBLAMR Medium Right 18cm - 20 cm $31.80 ex GST No*
BT-PTRSBLAM+L Medium Plus Left 20cm - 21 cm $31.80 ex GST No*
BT-PTRSBLAM+R Medium Plus Right 20cm - 21 cm $31.80 ex GST No*
BT-PTRSBLALL Large Left 20cm - 23 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLALR Large Right 20cm - 23 cm $31.80 ex GST No*
BT-PTRSBLAL+L Large Plus Left 21cm - 24 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLAL+R Large Plus Right 21cm - 24 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLAXLL Extra Large Left 23cm - 25 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
BT-PTRSBLAXLR Extra Large Right 23cm - 25 cm $31.80 ex GST Yes
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