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    PT bands come in a range of widths to give you a range of levels of resistance.
    SKU: WEB000593
    Code Colour Size Unit of Measure
    Code: POSTENB Colour: Black Size: 3cm Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: POSTENO Colour: Orange Size: 1.5cm Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: POSTENP Colour: Purple Size: 2.5cm Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: POSTENR Colour: Red Size: 2cm Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: POSTENY Colour: Yellow Size: 1cm Unit of Measure: EA

    PT bands come in a range of widths to give you a range of levels of resistance.

    We have found that the following range of bands are the best widths for workouts ranging from early rehabilitation through to functional strength training for active people. The table below should help you select which bands you will use most when starting out, but we recommend having at least two widths, as your strength will vary between exercises and as you get stronger, you can easily progress the resistance.

    10mm Mellow Yellow

    Mellow Yellow is the lightest and brightest of the PT Bands. He's not soft, and in the right position, He'll still give you a great workout. He's most commonly seen during rehabilitation and beginner programming, or for more challenging balance & stability exercises.

    15mm Sweet Orange

    Sweet Orange starts off as your friend, but near the end of her stretch, she packs a little punch. SHe's 50% thicker than Mellow Yellow, so she provides the perfect starting progression once you're into your program. And for plenty of more stability-based exercises, sHe's all you'll ever need.

    20mm Blood Red

    Blood Red sits in the middle of the range of PT Bands, which makes him the perfect all-rounder. He's strong enough to give even the most seasoned trainer a good workout but supple enough that he won't break you as a beginner. He's best suited to exercises that demand a 50/50 ratio of stability and strength.

    25mm Purple Power

    When you've been training Positive Tension for a while, and you need a little extra juice in your workout, Purple Power is what you need. SHe's still friendly, but if you give her some serious effort, sHe's got more than enough to throw back at you. SHe's best suited for progressing strength exercises, and for larger muscle groups.

    30mm Deep Black

    Deep Black is the biggest and baddest of the PT Bands, and just looks tough. He's designed for some serious resistance for larger muscle groups when all the brighter colours just aren't enough. At the other end of the spectrum, He's perfect for stronger mobility exercises when muscles need a serious stretch. And if you're just starting off on body-weight exercises like pull-ups and dips, He'll give you plenty of help.

    Colour Size / Resistance Level
    Yellow 1cm
    Orange 1.5cm
    Red 2cm
    Purple 2.5cm
    Black 3cm


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    ALLIED Summer 2024 Quarterly Overview - The Latest in Physical Therapies, Hand Therapy, Podiatry and Compression. ALLIED Summer 2024
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