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A soft and comfortable thumb orthosis, intended for children. The orthosis purpose is to position the hand and wrist in a function position. It eases pain that comes with reumathical and inflammational disorders. The orthosis can also be used for reducing spasicity within neurological disorders in the hand and wrist. The thumb strap is adjustable for optimal fit.

Code Size Type Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
353001011 Small Left 10cm - 12cm $33.00 ex GST No*
353001012 Medium Left 12cm - 14cm $33.00 ex GST No*
353001013 Large Left 14cm - 16cm $33.00 ex GST No*
353002012 Medium Right 12cm - 14cm $33.00 ex GST No*
353002013 Large Right 14cm - 16cm $33.00 ex GST No*
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