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Manufacturer: North Coast Medical

Ideal for post-radial nerve injuries, fracture, or spastic neurological conditions. Bunnell™ Combination Oppenheimer with Dynamic Wrist and IP Extension Orthosis provides dynamic wrist, finger and thumb extension to open the hand while allowing active flexion. To make a fist, fingers must flex against the band resistance and return to extension when relaxed. Adjust fit and dynamic force by bending lateral wires/outriggers and changing size of elastic bands. Adjustable position of the thumb outrigger determines if the splint is for left or right hand. Latex free. To size, measure width at MP joints.

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NC44589 Small 6.4cm $123.00 GST Exempt No*
NC44590 Medium 7.6cm $123.00 GST Exempt No*
NC44591 Large 8.9cm $123.00 GST Exempt Yes
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