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Manufacturer: Ottobock

Designed for post-operative and post-traumatic shoulder support. The 50A10 Omo Immobil orthosis allows for functional positioning of the shoulder through abduction at 0°, 15°, 30°, 60° or 90°. Effectively relieves the shoulder joint and directly supports the rehabilitation process. Can be used for conditions that require support for shoulder abduction positioning of the arm including: rotator cuff surgery; reduction of posterior shoulder dislocation; subcapital fractures of the humerus; shoulder impingement syndrome; shoulder replacement surgery.

The Omo Immobil 50A10 orthosis should be applied and removed by a second person in order to keep the user's arm securely and gently in position. The Omo Immobil orthosis offers a number of abduction angles, supporting optimum positioning of the arm with each individual fitting. The angles can be set quickly and easily using the abduction wedges, which are attached with hook and loop patches. The shoulder strap and waist belt are attached to the torso component of the orthosis with hook and loop elements. They can be individually positioned without tools and therefore provide for an optimum fit of the orthosis.

Refer to body height for sizing.

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50A10=S Small EA 150cm - 165cm $260.00 GST Exempt No*
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