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    Myotherapy Association Australia 


    "The Myotherapy Association Australia (MA) is the peak industry association for Myotherpaists. Dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of myotherapy and supporting our members. At the heart of the Myotherapy Association’s mission is a commitment to fostering education and innovation within the myotherapy industry. In addition to its education initiatives MA is dedicated to advocating for the recognition and integration of myotherapy into mainstream healthcare nationally. Through collaborative efforts with regulatory bodies, healthcare organisations and industry partners we seek to elevate the profile of Myotherapy as an effective therapeutic modality. 

    MA proudly partner with OPC Health as part of their commitment to promoting excellence, innovation and professional growth within the Myotherapy industry and our members. The myotherapy industry has grown and evolved over the past 35 years. Today’s myotherapist employees a vast range of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation techniques to provide a wholistic care to a range of clients and clinical presentations. OPC Health are renowned for their commitment to providing high quality clinical equipment, an extensive product range and an array of therapeutic tools for practitioners. This partnership with OPC Health supports myotherapists to expand their skills and capacity to deliver the highest quality care to their clients."

    Stephanie Kanaris 
    Association Manager / Member Engagement
    Myotherapy Association Australia

    As a proud partner of the Myotherapy Association Australia, OPC Health is dedicated to supporting myotherapists nationwide. With a history spanning over 40 years, we have consistently demonstrated a dedicated commitment to the myotherapy market, leveraging extensive product knowledge and clinical expertise to provide superior solutions sourced and developed globally.

    OPC Health offers a comprehensive portfolio of myotherapy supplies including pain relief and massage products, exercise and rehabilitation equipment, diagnostic tools, hot and cold therapies, taping and strapping, and electrotherapy, in addition to all your clinic equipment needs. 



    Myotherapy Association Australia members receive wholesale pricing and FREE shipping on all online orders, with no minimum spend required.

    Our team of Allied Health experts are based right across Australia and is always available to support you and your clinical teams!