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    Brand: Thuasne USA
    TGA Approved: 117391
    For women with mammary and thoracic wall edemas post-breast cancer surgery. Features integrated Mobiderm pads, breast form pockets, wide padded straps, and front fastener. Soft, compressive material in nude color for discreet wear.
    SKU: WEB001365
    Code Size Unit of Measure
    Code: T5713012010BC24 Size: CUP BC, XS Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T5713012010DE24 Size: CUP DE, XS Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T571301201AAA24 Size: CUP AAA, XS Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T5713012020BC24 Size: CUP BC, S Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T5713012020DE24 Size: CUP DE, S Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T571301202AAA24 Size: CUP AAA, S Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T5713012030BC24 Size: CUP BC, M Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T5713012030DE24 Size: CUP DE, M Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T571301203AAA24 Size: CUP AAA, M Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T5713012040BC24 Size: CUP BC, L Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T5713012040DE24 Size: CUP DE, L Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T571301204AAA24 Size: CUP AAA, L Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T5713012050BC24 Size: CUP BC, XL Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T5713012050DE24 Size: CUP DE, XL Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: T571301205AAA24 Size: CUP AAA, XL Unit of Measure: EA

    Our new compression lymph MOBIDERM Intimate bra provides optimum care for women suffering from mammary and thoracic wall oedemas. The bra is specially
    conceived for the needs of women who had breast cancer surgery.

    After plastic breast surgery, it has a form-stabilizing and relieving effect and provides support with the compression and drainage of edemas which may develop after breast cancer treatment.

    Thanks to its integrated compression pad, the MOBIDERM Intimate bra exerts increased pressure on those tissue areas affected by edemas. Lymph drainage will thus be significantly improved. Moreover, controlled compression in the scar tissue area will minimize the development of hematomas.


    • Integrated pockets for breast form
    • Mobiderm pads integrated and removable, ready to use
    • Wide padded straps, front fastener (e. g. zipper)
    • Out of soft but compressive material, Easy to don
    • Colour nude, not visible under clothing

    To find your correct size 

    1. Measure under the bust in CM and find the corresponding measurement on the above chart UNDERBUST SIZE INT

    2. Measure the fullest part of your breasts and find the measurement in CUP SIZE

    E.G. 1. Measure under bust is 95cm  2. Cup Size is 110cm therefore I would choose MEDIUM B/C 

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