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    Brand: Thuasne USA
    TGA Approved: 117391
    Foam cube technology encased in non-woven bandages aids lymphatic flow for optimal drainage. Versatile for compressive bandaging, mobilizing garments, or everyday wear. Available in small and large cubes for various oedema needs.
    SKU: WEB001357
    Code Unit of Measure Measurement
    Code: 37200101030001 Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: 10CM X 3M, 5MM
    Code: 37200101030002 Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: 10CM X 3M, 15MM

    MOBIDERM Bandages

    MOBIDERM is a medical device made up of foam cubes encased between two non-woven bandages. 

    The MOBIDERM Technology can be used under compressive bandaging (as a bandage or pad forms), incorporated into mobilising garments, or worn underneath everyday form fitting clothing or undergarments.

    Due to the difference in pressure created between the support area of the cubes and their surrounding area, it helps the lymphatic fluid flow and optimises the drainage efficacy (1).

    MOBIDERM Bandages are available in small and large cubes to adapt to various needs and oedema locations. Small cubes are for Hand, Foot, Breast, Head and Neck and Genital Oedema. Large cubes are for Arm and Leg Oedema and for use under multi-layer bandaging.

    (1) Todd – Mobiderm Autofit: an adjustable sleeve that enables patients to self-manage lymphedema – Chronic oedema – April 2018 

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    OPC Health - Mobiderm Brochure Download
    ALLIED - Winter 2024 Quarterly Overview - The Latest in Physical Therapies, Hand Therapy, Podiatry and Compression. ALLIED - Winter 2024
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