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Heat Wheat products are used worldwide by people seeking natural, drug free pain relief for muscular aches, spasm and injuries. Heat Wheat Hot & Cold Therapy packs can be placed in the microwave or freezer to generate moist, hot or cold therapy to effectively & naturally relieve pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism, aching & sore muscles, neck & back ache, inflammation, menstrual cramps, muscle cramps & spasms and fever.

Ready in minutes from your microwave. No-mess cold packs straight from the freezer. Comfortably moulds to the shape of the body. Durable and long lasting, for all the family. Made from only top quality materials. Manufactured to strict quality Australian standards.

Code Type Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
HP-HWBWL Back Support Wrap Large 82-120cm waist $65.00 ex GST No*
HP-HWCP Cord Pillow 45cm x 15 cm $32.75 ex GST No*
HP-HWHG Hand Glove 17cm x 27cm $35.45 ex GST No*
HP-HWHP Handy Pack 18cm x 32cm $31.60 ex GST No*
HP-HWJWL Joint Wrap Large 17cm x 68cm $46.80 ex GST No*
HP-HWJWS Joint Wrap Small 15cm x 43cm $32.75 ex GST No*
HP-HWNW Neck Warmer 17cm x 63cm $45.00 ex GST No*
HP-HWPPL Physio Pad Large 35cm x 47cm $55.00 ex GST No*
HP-HWPPS Physio Pad Small 30cm x 39cm $51.25 ex GST No*
HP-HWSC Shoulder Cuff 41cm x 49 cm $60.00 ex GST No*
HP-HWSP Slippers 28cm x 17 cm $56.00 ex GST No*
HP-HWTW Neck & Back Therapy Wrap 16cm x 51cm $49.20 ex GST No*
HP-HWUBWL Upper Body Wrap Large 45cm x 49 cm $74.54 ex GST No*
HP-HWVP Value Pack 32cm x 16cm $19.00 ex GST No*
HP-HWUBWS Upper Body Wrap Large 45cm x 49 cm $74.54 ex GST No*
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