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    The Freeze Sleeve™ Flat Pak! Measuring 12" x 17", the Flat Pak is large enough to help relieve soreness over various parts of the body.
    SKU: WEB001420
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    Code: FSFLATPACK Colour: Black Size: Flat Pack Unit of Measure: EA

    Help speed relief and recovery with this innovative, therapeutic cold/heat Flat Pack

    FULL COVERAGE: Sized at 12" X 17" to cover large muscle groups in various parts of the body. The Freeze Sleeve Flat Pack is an extra-large hot or cold compress.

    • CLEAN - Specially formulated gel.
    • EFFECTIVE - Supplies 15-20 minutes of cold/heat therapy without the risk of burns or damage to the skin.
    • COMFORTABLE - Super soft and flexible materials allow the Freeze Sleeve to be worn on multiple body parts 
    • Made with Hydra-Gel that stays soft when frozen, so the pack remains flexible, comfortable, & contours around the area you are treating.
    • Can be apply directly to bare skin straight from the freezer
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