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This is a new range of orthoses for children. They have fantastic shape that is well tolerated and are simple to fit and adjust. There are three sizes for children aged 3 to 11 years. Available in Red or Blue.



The FootbionicsRange

Hemispherical Heel Cup

Designed to cup the contours of the heel and accommodate varying heel shapes with ease, the unique heelcup shape also utilises the shoe itself for exceptional stability. Offering excellent cushioning and custom-fitoptions for the practitioner, posting can be added to the heel region for subtle support, or more aggressivelyto improve rearfoot alignment.

Concave Arch

Supportive but not aggressive and designed to eliminate medial arch discomfort commonly caused byorthoses. Extremely well tolerated by patients! The underside of the arch region is contoured upwards sothat under load the orthotic flexes downward slightly for the perfect fit and feel. This rounded shape hugs themidfoot reducingplantar fascial stress.


Footbionics can be placed directly inside the shoe without heating where they will conform to the patients foot shape with use. They can also be heat moulded at low temperatures for a more customised fit.To learn more about our orthotic technology,


Footbionics contain Ultra-Fresh, an extremely effective anti-microbial agent that reduces foot odour andimproves foot hygiene. Footbionics orthotics stay cleaner and fresher for longer.

Code Colour Size Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
FB-CHB-L Blue Large Shoe Size (EU): 29 - 31 $104.00 GST Exempt Yes
FB-CHB-M Blue Medium Shoe Size (EU): 26 - 29 $104.00 GST Exempt Yes
FB-CHB-S Blue Small Shoe Size (EU): 23 - 26 $104.00 GST Exempt Yes
FB-CHR-L Red Large Shoe Size (EU): 29 - 31 $104.00 GST Exempt Yes
FB-CHR-M Red Medium Shoe Size (EU): 26 - 29 $104.00 GST Exempt Yes
FB-CHR-S Red Small Shoe Size (EU): 23 - 26 $104.00 GST Exempt Yes
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