From $69.00 (AUD) GST Exempt

AD (Knee High) Liners provide a smooth base and skin protection prior to applying the Jobst FarrowWrap outer wrap piece. Soft liners are made of cotton and spandex, with a terry cloth lining, and offer additional padding.  These fit a larger limb size than the silver liners, and also have an open toe. Silver AD Liners are made with X-Static silver and create an antimicrobial barrier reducing the risk of infection. Measure calf circumference for sizing.

When a Jobst FarrowWrap footpiece(x1), and legpiece (x1) are purchased together in an order, a pair of AD Soft or Silver liners is included free*. Order link here.


Code Colour Size Type Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
76669-00 Beige Small (AD) Soft Liner < 40cm calf $69.00 GST Exempt No*
76669-02 Beige Medium (AD) Soft Liner 40cm - 70cm calf $69.00 GST Exempt Yes
76669-04 Beige Large (AD) Soft Liner 70cm - 120cm calf $69.00 GST Exempt Yes
76668-00 Beige Small (AD) Silver Liner Up to 58cm calf $69.00 GST Exempt No*
76668-02 Beige Large (AD) Silver Liner 52cm - 70cm calf $69.00 GST Exempt No*
*Please note, out of stock items will be placed on backorder and shipped as soon as they are available.
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