EVA 190

From $30.00 (AUD) ex GST

A softer grade of EVA that is great as a cushion top cover. Available in a range of colours and patterns.

Code Colour Size RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
MA-EV190B-10 Blue $161.00 ex GST No*
MA-EV190B-2 Blue $161.00 ex GST Yes
MA-EV190B-3 Blue $161.00 ex GST Yes
MA-EV190B-5 Blue $161.00 ex GST Yes
MA-EV190BK-2 Black $30.00 ex GST Yes
MA-EV190BK-5 Black 5mm $53.00 ex GST No*
MA-EV190BKP-2 Black/Purple 2mm $37.00 ex GST No*
MA-EV190BR-2 Brown 2mm $32.00 ex GST Yes
MA-EV190BR-5 Brown 5mm $79.00 ex GST No*
*Please note, out of stock items will be placed on backorder and shipped as soon as they are available.
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