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    Brand: OS1st
    The ES3® provides relief for those suffering from tennis elbow, chronic elbow pain, swollen arthritic elbows, or bursitis.
    SKU: WEB001078
    Code Colour Size Unit of Measure Measurement
    Code: ES3L Colour: BLACK Size: LARGE Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: Circumference: 32cm - 38cm
    Code: ES3M Colour: BLACK Size: MEDIUM Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: Circumference: 27cm - 31cm
    Code: ES3S Colour: BLACK Size: SMALL Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: Circumference: 20cm - 25cm
    Code: ES3XL Colour: BLACK Size: XLARGE Unit of Measure: EA Measurement: Circumference: 40cm - 45cm

    Targeted conditions:

    • Lateral Epicondylitis / Medial Epicondylitis
    • General Elbow Pain

    Performance Features:

    • Relieves Elbow Pain
    • Circulation Safe
    • Reduces swelling
    • Wear while active, during sports activity or exercising for extra protection
    • Easy-on and shaped-to-fit targeted area
    • Soft, moisture-wicking fabric
    • Supports and stabilizes the tendons and provides muscle stability

    The ES3® Performance Elbow Sleeve provides medical grade orthopedic support.  Patent pending Compression Zone Technology® to provide pain relief and prevention. The ES3® provides relief for those suffering from tennis elbow, chronic elbow pain, swollen arthritic elbows, or bursitis.

    People with active lifestyles need products that can keep up with their active pace. Good circulation is critical for maintaining the health of your muscles.  Our sports compression elbow sleeve promotes proper circulation throughout your muscles. Our sports elbow compression sleeve aids in rebuilding your muscles after high intensity workouts.

    3 Zones of Graduated Compression

    The ES3® performance Elbow Sleeve has a form fit for your arm.  With three zones of graduated compression the ES3® provides effective pain relief.  The ES3® is comfortable enough to wear any time.  You can even wear it under normal shirts. You will find the elbow compression sleeve works well as an alternative to bulky elbow braces and straps that can limit movements.

    Faster Muscle Recovery

    The ES3® Performance Elbow Sleeve provides powerful medical grade support to the joint. The graduated compression of the ES3® also promotes excellent circulation. This improves swelling reduction and provides faster muscle recovery. The ES3® is safer to wear than heavier supports. The ES3 never binds at your body’s natural angles. The ES3® is perfect for tennis players, golfers and other athletes. Available in a sporty black, the ® Performance Elbow Sleeve is the perfect fit for your active lifestyle!

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