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    Thermoplastic design holds foot in 90° neutral position during sleep to help alleviate morning pain.
    SKU: WEB000710
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    Code: DRNS2000-20 Size: Small - Medium Unit of Measure: EA

    Thermoplastic design holds foot in 90º neutral position during sleep to help alleviate morning pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis

    •     Plastic free bottom and non-skid transfer surface allows for safe minimal ambulation when necessary
    •     Neoprene straps with hook and loop closure around foot and calf
    •     Low profile for cooler, more comfortable fit
    •     Universal right/left

    Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, 
    Tendonosis, Drop foot, Post-static pain



    What is an ankle brace or ankle support?

    An ankle brace is used to provide stability and support to the ankle. It can be used as a preventative measure such as protection during sport or to treat injuries. Many braces may consist of a compression element, plastic stays, or laces.


    When should I use an ankle brace?

    An ankle brace may be used as a preventative or treatment option. Many individuals may choose to use a brace to prevent injuries especially when there has been a history of ankle issues. Others may require a brace to support the joint as ligament and other soft tissue structures heal.

    How does an ankle brace work?

    Ankle braces work by applying compression and stability to the joint. These braces may limit the range of motion available at the joint particularly for the movements of inversion and eversion of the joint which are associated with a rolled ankle.


    Which ankle brace / support is right for me?

    Different ankle braces are available depending on the severity and duration of wear. A health practitioner such as a physiotherapist or orthotist will be able to find the most appropriate brace available.


    How do I take care of my ankle brace?

    Most ankle braces made of a nylon, knitted or soft fabric can be hand washed with soapy water. Some will be machine washable but please check care instructions. Braces with stays should have these removed prior to washing. 


    What is the warranty ankle braces?

    Our warranty coverage varies for each product, ensuring tailored protection. For specific details or inquiries, contact our customer service at the provided number, 1300 672 937. We're here to assist you with any questions regarding the warranty for your particular product.


    How do I know my ankle support will fit?

    The size guide will give a good indication on which sized brace will fit the best. The brace should fit snug to provide some compression but should not be too tight. Another indication is that there are minimal wrinkles or excess fabric.


    Which brace is the best for ankle sprains?

    Ankle sprains are typically caused by the inversion / eversion movement of the ankle which applies excessive strain on the ligaments around the ankle. Ankle braces used to prevent this should have medial and lateral stays that act to stabilise the joint and prevent those movements. 

    Different ankle braces are available depending on the severity and duration of wear. A health practitioner such as a physiotherapist or orthotist will be able to find the most appropriate brace available.


    How long should I wear an ankle brace?

    The duration of wear depends on a variety of factors. Patient goals will greatly affect this. Individuals who wear a brace for prevention may only need to wear a brace during physical activity whereas individuals who require one for treatment of an injury may need to wear a brace until healed.


    How do I put on an ankle brace?

    Before putting on an ankle brace, the orientation of the brace should be identified. Often, the calf and foot section get mixed up. Each brace has different fastening systems and may have certain straps that are designed to be secured in a specific way. Please refer to the product manual (IFU) for more information.


    Why buy an ankle brace from OPC Health?

    OPC Health is your go-to supplier for Allied Health professionals having supported the industry for over 40 years. Backed by our clinical expertise, we can provide the technical support for all your ankle brace enquiries.

    For the general public, you can visit for all your general sports medicine and bracing requirements.  


    Need assistance?

    For assistance or inquiries, call us at 1300 672 937 or contact us at for additional support or healthcare solutions. We're here to help!

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