From $47.00 (AUD) ex GST
  • Sewn Lycra tubes in 15cm and 20cm wide sizes and 1.4 to 1.5m lengths
  • Trans-Tibial: 15cm width; Trans-Femoral: 20cm width
  • Also available as flat cloth
Applications: Used on the last layer of your lamination to give an eye catching lift.
Code Colour Size RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
LSB/15 Snake Skin Brown 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LSB/20 Snake Skin Brown 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LIB/15 Ice Blue 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LIB/20 Ice Blue 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LFS/15 Film Star 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LFS/20 Film Star 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LD/15 Denim 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LD/20 Denim 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LIP/15 Ice Pink 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LIP/20 Ice Pink 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LBP/15 Bunnies Pink 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LBP/20 Bunnies Pink 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LCB/15 Coloured Bubbles 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LCB/20 Coloured Bubbles 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LCR/15 Cartoon Red 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LCR/20 Cartoon Red 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LES/15 Electric Blue 15cm $47.00 ex GST Yes
LES/20 Electric Blue 20cm $56.00 ex GST Yes
LUW/15 Under Water 15cm $47.00 ex GST Yes
LUW/20 Under Water 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LCBY/15 Cloudburst Yellow 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LCBY/20 Cloudburst Yellow 20cm $56.00 ex GST Yes
LPS/15 Pink Swirl 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LPS/20 Pink Swirl 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LHS/15 Happy Stars 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LHS/20 Happy Stars 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LMS/15 Magic Stars 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LMS/20 Magic Stars 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LG/15 Graffiti 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LG/20 Graffiti 20cm $56.00 ex GST No*
LJR/15 Jolly Roger 15cm $47.00 ex GST No*
LJR/20 Jolly Roger 20cm $56.00 ex GST Yes
*Please note, out of stock items will be placed on backorder and shipped as soon as they are available.
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