From $203.00 (AUD) GST Exempt
Manufacturer: North Coast Medical
Neoprene support allows fingers to move for functional use, while maintaining neutral alignment of the MP joints in rheumatoid arthritis.

Measure width at the MP joints for size.
Code Size Type Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
NC79028-1 Small Left 7.0cm-7.6cm $203.00 GST Exempt No*
NC79028-2 Small Right 7.0cm-7.6cm $203.00 GST Exempt No*
NC79028-3 Medium Left 7.6cm-8.6cm $203.00 GST Exempt No*
NC79028-4 Medium Right 7.6cm-8.6cm $203.00 GST Exempt No*
NC79028-5 Large Left 8.6cm-9.2cm $203.00 GST Exempt No*
NC79028-6 Large Right 8.6cm-9.2cm $203.00 GST Exempt No*
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