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Closed-End PVA Bags help you create a perfect finish with ease, in less than half the time, even on the most difficult models. Increase your productivity by dramatically reducing the time spent preparing a model for lamination.

  • Single-step cast preparation
  • Saves time and money
  • Works on a wide variety of shapes and sizes

Sold as a pack of 5. Please refer to sizing chart when ordering. View product sales sheet here.

Code Size Unit of Measure RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
PVACE6-1 6-1 EA $38.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE6-2 6-2 EA $48.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE6-3 6-3 EA $38.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE6-5 6-5 EA $38.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE8-3 8-3 EA $37.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE8 8-5 EA $38.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE10-3 10-3 EA $41.00 ex GST No*
PVACE10 10-5 EA $41.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE10-7 10-7 EA $41.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE12-3 12-3 EA $44.00 ex GST No*
PVACE12 12-5 EA $46.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE12-7 12-7 EA $46.00 ex GST No*
PVACE14 14-5 EA $50.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE14-7 14-7 EA $48.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE16 16-5 EA $57.00 ex GST Yes
PVACE16-7 16-7 EA $57.00 ex GST Yes
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